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“It was always going to be tomorrow’s city today. A new heart of New York City; Midtown expanding west.” — Thad Sheely, SVP operations for Related Companies Tourists come to stop and stare, and sometimes throw pennies. This isn’t a long-standing…(Read More)

With wireless internet access playing more of a role in our daily lives, it should come as no surprise that the places that we shop and eat are making a greater effort to be “more connected;” after all, the longer customers stick around to surf the web, the more likely they are to make more…(Read More)

Microsoft has rebranded their online Office suite from Office Web Apps to Office Online. The suites have been rebranded which means they will be referred to as Word Online, Excel Online, PowerPoint Online and OneNote Online. The company is promising that sharing will get better with this new rebrand, and, they are making hundreds of…(Read More)

Is finding a hotspot a tedious and time consuming task for you? If yes, you may like this new app from Google which makes it easier for you to find a hotspot and access it too. The app, which will be available in both the Google Play and iTunes App stores, will eliminate the manual…(Read More)

The latest offering from D-Link, the Outdoor HD Cloud Camera, is now available for shipping. The camera, like all cloud cameras from D-Link, allows remote surveillance on your property when linked to a laptop, tablet or smartphone (via 4G, 3G or Wi-Fi connection)–thus allowing you to keep an eye on your…(Read More)

The current generation of kids don’t need to be told how to access the internet–but they sure could use some guidance on what to do and what not to do on the web. With that in mind, social networking giant Facebook has partnered with the Canadian Federation of Teachers for its new initiative…(Read More)