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Next week marks the official tech-kickoff to the new year with CES 2014 in Las Vegas–and as usual, YourTechReport will be all over it. From breaking news from all of the big names in the industry to the smaller companies that always amaze with killer gear, follow us @YourTechReport on Twitter and you…(Read More)

Oh Apple, how you tease. Waiting until the last minute to tip its hand, Apple has confirmed that they will be streaming today’s (what we assume to be iPad-centric) media even; the event can be viewed online (using OS X 10.6 or later), over iOS devices (using iOS 4.2 or later…(Read More)

Sure, it’s fun to read all of the latest tech news and reviews; but while in your car, wouldn’t it be easier (and safer) to simply listen to us? Well you can…on YourTechReport Radio–every Saturday at 1pm Eastern on SiriusXM channel 167. On this week’s show, Marc and I will…(Read More)

Neilsen has launched their Twitter ratings service to track how much engagement TV shows are getting on the social network, and the list is now available. The new system tracks the number of tweets about a particular TV episode and the number of people posting about it, as well as the number of times those…(Read More)

AT&T is finally streaming U-Verse Live TV to smartphones and tablets. Downloading the U-Verse app allows AT&T subscribers access to more than 100 live channels while in the house, and more than 20 channels while on-the-go. The new channels are available to U-Verse customers as part…(Read More)

Apple is planning to leverage its new iTunes Radio service to help launch and premiere new albums. The recently launched service is said to enhance music discoverability; and in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Appleā€™s Eddie Cue indicated they have plans to use the service to launch new records. A new Justin Timberlake album…(Read More)