• LEGO Bringing Ghostbusters to Life this June

    LEGO Bringing Ghostbusters to Life this June

    Somehow I rationalize this story as related to tech; perhaps it’s my inner-child making its way out… If you are a fan of Ghostbusters (and honestly, who isn’t?), then you’ll be happy to know that LEGO has come up with an official set just for you. With the LEGO Movie still number one at the box office, the company is tapping historical classics with LEGO Ghostbusters, set to release in June for $50. The set will include a new and improved Ecto01 model, with the four mini-busters alongside. The real story here is how exactly LEGO plans on recreating Slime–but for that answer, you’ll have to wait until I pick up the set in June…for my son, of course.

  • Follow CES 2014 Right Here at YourTechReport.com

    Follow CES 2014 Right Here at YourTechReport.com

    Next week marks the official tech-kickoff to the new year with CES 2014 in Las Vegas–and as usual, YourTechReport will be all over it. From breaking news from all of the big names in the industry to the smaller companies that always amaze with killer gear, follow us @YourTechReport on Twitter and you’re guaranteed to get the latest news and announcements from the largest tech show in North America. Plus, be sure to tune into our recap on YourTechReport Radio (1pm Eastern on SiriusXM ch. 167) on the Saturday following CES to hear what gear we’ll be looking forward to in 2014.

  • Amazon Promising Huge Cyber Monday Savings

    Amazon Promising Huge Cyber Monday Savings

    Yes…we know that it’s Black Friday; but why should that stop us from getting excited about what sales await us is three days? While Black Friday is traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year, Cyber Monday is the day that Amazon sells the most products–and that translates into huge savings for those strong enough to resist the temptation of today’s great deals. Amazon will be offering huge discounts on everything from toys and electronics, to tools and fashion. Have we piqued your curiosity? Click past the jump to see where your money will be going in less than 72 hours…

  • LaTrax Alias Quad-Rotor Helicopter Now Available

    LaTrax Alias Quad-Rotor Helicopter Now Available

    I’m a sucker for RC…especially when it comes to quad-copters. LaTrax has teamed up with the folks at Traxxas to bring you the new Alias high-performance quad-rotor helicopter. Featuring four powerful motors, a 2.4GHz radio with LCD display, a Lipo battery, LED lighting, and 3 flight modes, the Alias is not only ready to enjoy right out of the box, it’s also versatile enough to please RC helicopter beginners as well as pros. The Alias comes in 4 colors and retails for $149–but the best part? The LaTrax Alias has full product support and a lifetime warranty for all of its electronics through Traxxas. We can’t wait to get our hands on one–but until then, you can click here to learn more.

  • Swann Security Tickles our Fancy with the New Bubble Bomber RC Heli

    Swann Security Tickles our Fancy with the New Bubble Bomber RC Heli

    While the rest of the world knows Swann for its excellent line of home security and surveillance products, those of us with maturity issues like to think of Swann Security as the company that puts out all of those cool RC helicopters. Today. my not-so-inner child is all smiles, as Swann has introduced its latest flyer…and this one drops bubble bombs!! You read that right. The appropriately named Bubble Bomber may look like your average mini RC copter, but once airborne, the Bubble Bomber is actually able to drop “bubble bombs” with a mere flick of its 2.4GHz wireless remote, thanks to an on-board bubble reservoir. As far as the rest of the copter, Swann’s built-in gyro should keep the BB steady, and the rechargeable Lipo battery is good for an impressive 7 minutes of continuous flying. We’ll have our full review (all in the name of science, of course) once […]

  • YourTechReport Radio on SiriusXM Channel 167

    YourTechReport Radio on SiriusXM Channel 167

    Sure, it’s fun to read all of the latest tech news and reviews; but while in your car, wouldn’t it be easier (and safer) to simply listen to us? Well you can…on YourTechReport Radio–every Saturday at 1pm Eastern on SiriusXM channel 167. On this week’s show, Marc and I will fill you in on Samsung’s new Galaxy Round–the first smartphone with a flexible display; we’ll also be giving you the latest news from Apple and Microsoft, as well as answering your questions in our “You Asked for It” segment. For those without a SiriusXM subscription, we’ll be posting the show right here after it airs. Enjoy!

  • New Monopoly For Kids Ends “Neverending Games”

    New Monopoly For Kids Ends “Neverending Games”

    Hasbro has launched a brand new Monopoly game with one really distinct feature: It can be played in under 30 minutes. The newly launched children’s version uses a “first-past-the-post” system–which means a player can win by simply collecting a certain number of assets, as opposed to forcing other players into bankruptcy. While Monopoly purists may  balk at the new version of the game, anyone who has ever been a part of an endless game of Monopoly with their children is sure to be cheering right now. Hasbro vice president of marketing Jonathan Berkowitz says the new Monopoly was a result of feedback from parents and children, who say “they want a quick in-and-out, frictionless gaming experience.” We have 2 words for you Hasbro: Thank you.







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