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…came from our friends at Sideshow Collectibles: the gorgeous Iron Man Mark III Stealth Mode by Hot Toys. If you’ve never visited, you’re in for a treat–they not only distribute some of the coolest pop-culture collectibles on the planet, they also have┬átheir own line of collectibles created by…(Read More)

The folks at Blizzard have always been a classy bunch…and it’s never been more evident than it is today. If you’ve ever sat down and lost a day (or twelve) playing World of Warcraft, you know how special this game is to its players; the really impressive part is how special its…(Read More)

Somehow I rationalize this story as related to tech; perhaps it’s my inner-child making its way out… If you are a fan of Ghostbusters (and honestly, who isn’t?), then you’ll be happy to know that LEGO has come up with an official set just for you. With the LEGO Movie still…(Read More)

Next week marks the official tech-kickoff to the new year with CES 2014 in Las Vegas–and as usual, YourTechReport will be all over it. From breaking news from all of the big names in the industry to the smaller companies that always amaze with killer gear, follow us @YourTechReport on Twitter and you…(Read More)

Yes…we know that it’s Black Friday; but why should that stop us from getting excited about what sales await us is three days? While Black Friday is traditionally the biggest shopping day of the year, Cyber Monday is the day that Amazon sells the most products–and that translates into huge savings for…(Read More)

I’m a sucker for RC…especially when it comes to quad-copters. LaTrax has teamed up with the folks at Traxxas to bring you the new Alias high-performance quad-rotor helicopter. Featuring four powerful motors, a 2.4GHz radio with LCD display, a Lipo battery, LED lighting, and 3 flight modes, the Alias…(Read More)