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It’s not often that we call a product “life changing,” and it may surprise some that the “life-changing” product we’re referring to is a wireless router; but with the number of wireless products we interact with on a daily basis, having a great wireless network is essential. If you’re looking to…(Read More)

This is not a joke: Belkin’s WeMo line of home automation tools is the path of least resistance to entering home automation. With one cost-effective purchase, you can be controlling a light, an appliance, or anything really that plugs into a wall–and all without a specialized hub or complicated setup process. Take…(Read More)

It is no secret that I have been playing with all sorts of “smart home” solutions since its infancy – so when August was released I was drawn to it for its apparent simplicity and features. But, I had to go hands on to see if everything I read and heard was true – it…(Read More)

The year’s closing out–and that means it’s time for our usual round-up of the year in gaming. This year we celebrate the event with our first ever YourTechReport Gaming Awards. Nominated by a panel of…. well, me, and with the winners chosen by… me again, our look back will showcase the…(Read More)