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Apple isn’t the only company making beautiful, ultra-thin laptops; and if you’re looking for a highly-portanble Windows 10 laptop with a ton of power, you’re going to want to check out the new Zenbook from Asus. As always, you can hear us every Saturday at 2pm Eastern on SiriusXM channel…(Read More)

It’s not often that we call a product “life changing,” and it may surprise some that the “life-changing” product we’re referring to is a wireless router; but with the number of wireless products we interact with on a daily basis, having a great wireless network is essential. If you’re looking to…(Read More)

This is not a joke: Belkin’s WeMo line of home automation tools is the path of least resistance to entering home automation. With one cost-effective purchase, you can be controlling a light, an appliance, or anything really that plugs into a wall–and all without a specialized hub or complicated setup process. Take…(Read More)

It is no secret that I have been playing with all sorts of “smart home” solutions since its infancy – so when August was released I was drawn to it for its apparent simplicity and features. But, I had to go hands on to see if everything I read and heard was true – it…(Read More)