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With a name like the “Eyeball” you must be wonder what the heck we’re talking about? Kaotica is a Canadian company that endeavored to solve the problem of recording bad sound. With today’s cheaper price tags on recording gear, it still doesn’t solve the biggest problem with recording – the space. You can…(Read More)

Sennheiser is best know in the consumer world for its high quality audio products. On the professional side, they are the sound behind some of the biggest acts on stage and in studio; so when a new consumer-grade product is released that features the pro-edge and quality craftsmanship, we have no choice but…(Read More)

We received such a great response to this when we posted it last week, we decided to post it again as we head to the final stretch of holiday shopping. Need some last minute gift ideas? Take a listen to YourTechReport Radio’s Favorite Things episode–and hopefully find that special gift for that special…(Read More)

If you do not know already, I am testing a pair of Google Glass and having a ball doing so. This week I wanted to give you an example of using Google Glass on the go, exploring some of its finer points, as well as its limitations. My challenges this week: Freezing cold temperatures, poor…(Read More)