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Video Review: OtterBox Pursuit Series Dry Box

otr-pursuits20-s6Sometimes you just need a box.

A little, rugged, waterproof, crush-proof, dust-proof box to protect your tech and personal items. For those times you need to keep small items safe and dry, Otterbox has a great solution, and it’s surprisingly inexpensive…

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Video Review: OtterBox Armor Case for iPhone

armor case otterboxYour iPhone is a delicate snowflake.

It’s a precious flower. It’s sleek and pretty and beautiful.

Unfortunately it’s also easy to mar the iPhone’s good looks. If only there was a way to protect your attractive phone phone. Some kind of case which would allow you to use it even in the most rugged of environments…

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Video Review: The Skullcandy Aviator Headphones with Microphone for iPhone/iPad

aviator_3-4_black_1I don’t have a lot of experience with Skullcandy headphones. Honestly, I’ve always thought they looked a bit cheap. I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice the Aviators looked. A very classic, old-school design. Very clean, and great fit on the ears. You can actually see me using these cans in our last YTR Hangout.


Do they sound as good as they look?

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Review: The Booq Boa Courier 13 Graphite Laptop Messenger Bag

BCR13-GFT11Booq makes some of my favorite bags and cases for laptops, tablets, and cameras. I personally use a Booq Python Pack Pro for all of my camera and audio equipment. Plus the Mamba Courier was one of my favorite bags to review last year.

I recently had the pleasure of spending a little time with their Boa Courier 13 Graphite, which is a messenger style bag designed to hold a 13″ laptop and some accessories.

Let’s see what Booq has to offer for the fashionable geek on the go!

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iKit’s NuCharge for iPhone 5: Worthy of your Investment

DSCN4500Before we start, I have to thank the folks at iKit for getting a pre-production model of the NuCharge in our hands. While we’re big fans of Kickstarter, what makes it such a success is the very thing that can make it scary for potential investors: You’re being asked to help fund something that you can’t actually get your hands on. Sure, taking a leap of faith has its time and place; but in this particular case, there’s no need; because after getting our hands on the NuCharge for iPhone 5, we’re here to tell you that this is one Kickstarter investment you’ll be glad you made.

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Get Your NFC Tap On! Samsung TecTile is Our App (and Accessory) of the Week!

20130301_084606But what is NFC good for Juan? Really? What can you DO with it?

Well I’m glad you asked, because this little wonder radio is fantastically flexible. Sure we can tap and send small pieces of information between our phones, but add in some programmable NFC tags (sticker or keychains with small microchips in them), and the power of this tech really comes to light.

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Video Review: Nokia DC-16 Universal Smartphone Portable Battery Charger “Extra Boost”

13 - 1Power users need more power.


If you’re away from a charger and need a top off to make it through the day, Nokia MIGHT just have a decent solution for you. At least it’s one of the more attractive portable batteries I’ve ever used…

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My Daily Kit: The Booqpad mini

DSCN4456As much as we love what Booq has done in the gadget bag space, they’re also building quite a reputation as an iPad accessory  manufacturer–so it only makes sense that they would take  their excellent design ethic and sense of style, and apply it to Apple’s 7″ tab. So how did they fare with the new Booqpad mini? Read on, and find out how Booq got it right…yet again.

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Video Review: Golla Denim Smartphone Wallet

Just because it’s for tech, doesn’t mean it can’t be a little more fashion forward. Here I spend a little time showing you around the Denim Phone Wallet from one of my favorite accessories manufacturers.

For more info on Golla products, head over to:

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Video Review: Outdoor Technology’s ADAPT – BT Headphone Adapter

41wUEQkYkOL._SY300_It’s always been the dream:

The ability to use my high-quality earbuds WIRELESSLY with my smartphone to not only listen to music, but to also make and receive calls. Outdoor Technology has a solution to this dilemma, but will it be right for everyone?

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