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If you do not know already, I am testing a pair of Google Glass and having a ball doing so. This week I wanted to give you an example of using Google Glass on the go, exploring some of its finer points, as well as its limitations. My challenges this week: Freezing cold temperatures, poor…(Read More)

 I love a simple concept well executed. You see, I’ve been playing games like this since the original Bejeweled on Palm OS. Since then I’ve played through tons of iterations of the same concept: connect lines of the same objects to get rid of them and score points. The problem is we keep…(Read More)

I’m feeling philanthropic. Sure, million dollar projects on Kickstarter occupy most of the discussion when it comes to crowd funding, but I think we’ve just barely scratched the surface on what we can accomplish as a population. One Today aims to simplify the process of pairing nonprofit organizations with people who wish to…(Read More)

I’m a sucker for real time strategy. Managing resources. Conquering new territory. Defeating the enemy. I just get it. It clicks. RTS on Android is a tricky proposition. Make the game play too involved and it’s difficult to control on a touchscreen. Make it too easy and why bother playing? What’s emerged…(Read More)