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Video Review: The Golla Garnet – Pro Camera Sling

Golla Garnet pro camera sling bag for dslr lenses yourtechreport photographyI’m a sucker for a good bag!

Mix practicality and durability with just a pinch of style, and you’ll get me every time. Golla sent their Garnet pro camera sling my way. I’ve spent about a month playing with it, taking it with me on a couple of location gigs…and I’ve been pleasantly impressed. Finnish design at an affordable price.

Let’s get hands on!

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Control Your Camera Wirelessly – ‘DSLRs Remote’ is our App of the Week!

vlcsnap-2013-07-12-10h30m45s147I love finding little utilities like this!

For those of you who own an SLR camera, a wireless remote for your camera can run $20 or more. It’s apparently a simple infrared signal, and wouldn’t you know it, our phones now have IR blasters built into them!

If only there were a way to send a signal from our phone that could activate the shutter on our camera… Hmmmm….

DSLRs Remote (Samsung):
DSLRs Remote (HTC):


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The Samsung SmartCam: Our Complete Review

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 1.18.43 PMWhen you think about home security these days, the meaning has taken on a whole new definition thanks to the explosion of mobile devices. Several years back, the ability to remotely monitor your home was restricted to those with deep pockets and large installation requirements – but today, we have products like the Samsung SmartCam. What is the SmartCam? Much like a SmartPhone, it’s a wireless, night-vision enabled camera that can live anywhere in your home. It establishes a wireless connection to your existing network and then connects to a portal that gives you access to the live feed online and on-the-go.

no images were found

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Review: ECBC Hercules Travel Laptop Backpack – TSA Fast Pass Approved

ECBC Hercules Backpack yourtechreportI’m a nut for good bags.

Durable materials combined with room for accessories is a recipe for success. Package that in a good look aesthetic and you’ve got me hook line and sinker. ECBC is a company that I wasn’t familiar with before this review, but now I’m looking forward to trying out more of their gear.

The Hercules is their premier travel backpack, so let’s dig in and take a look!

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Smartphone Camera Showdown: HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S 4!

galaxy s4 vs htc one video comparison yourtechreportReady? FIGHT!

These two companies have managed to produce phones, which as premier Android devices, couldn’t be more different from each other. Nowhere is this more clearly illustrated than in their radically different approaches to the camera tech.

Now while there are still raging debates as to which camera produces better still photos, we can at least compare the video from these two directly! So let’s get cracking and see how the Galaxy S 4 compares to the HTC One in low light, night photography, and with movement.

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Video: Mega-Review of the Samsung Galaxy Camera – With Photo and Video Samples

Gal Cam Thumbnail***Review “Quick Links” below to skip to different sections of the review***

The GalCam is gorgeous. I’ve been using this one religiously since getting it just before CES. Samsung was kind enough to left me go hands on for a long term review. So, is this combo of Camera+Android a marriage made in heaven, or are we looking at a future gadget divorce?

Only one way to find out…

Hit the jump for high res photo samples and for Links to specific sections of the review!

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Smartphone Camera Macro Comparison: Pantech Discover vs Lumia 920

Two extremely formidable camera modules. I was surprised to see a 12.6MP shooter in the Discover. Not a lot of people know what a “Pantech” is yet, but you can’t fault them for trying to change that.

My current favorite is still the Lumia 920, especially in low light; but I wanted to see how these two would fare against each other in a macro test. Flower photography is one of my favorite pastimes, and we’re getting to a point where our phones are capable of delivering VERY good photographic results.

First the Lumia (click to get full sized image):


I find the photo (taken in the shade) is a touch cool. Nokia/Microsoft has pushed the saturation in the jpeg creation a touch hard for my taste, and here it’s resulting in a slightly blue-ish cast to the photo. I also think noise reduction is too aggressive, and might be one of the reasons that Lumia photos still look a touch soft.

Now the Pantech Discover:


I like the color a little better here. It’s a touch warmer, better representation of the late morning light. The image is just a touch grainier, but I happen to prefer a little extra noise if the image retains detail. Unfortunately, I don’t see any appreciable difference in detail with the extra megapixels, and yellow areas seem to lack detail when compared to the Lumia.

On the whole, I prefer the image out of the Lumia. As a pixel peeper, I’d want to edit it, de-saturate some of the color; but even with the aggressive noise reduction there’s still more detail in “hot” colors than the Pantech. Totally subjective, but I also happen to slightly prefer the background out of focus areas on the Lumia. They seem a bit softer, a bit more pleasant.

I am impressed with the Pantech however. It’s a phone camera which looks like it could easily trade blows with the cream of the Android crop. Not bad for a manufacturer I didn’t even know existed a couple months ago…

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Video Review: The Woxom SlingShot Universal Smartphone Stabilizer

Let’s face it. Your smartphone videos suck.

As the cameras in our phones continue to improve, we’re starting to see some fantastic products to help improve the composition of our little vids.

Woxom’s SlingShot is a happy little success story from KickStarter, where the project was not only funded, but far exceeded its goals. I was happy to score a pair of SlingShots, so let’s take a look at one of my favorite toys of 2012.

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Satechi Announces Availability of Wireless Timer and Remote

Being the “photographer” in my family means there are very few pictures of me. Part of that issue boils down to the fact that I’m often reluctant to hand my camera over to someone else to take a pic.

Satechi’s WTR-A wireless remote control and shutter should help with my lack of self-portrait. Designed for most Canon SLR’s, this transmitter/receiver combo also includes a built in intervalometer which should come in handy for you time lapse photography folks. Why time lapse features aren’t just built in to modern cameras these days, I’ll never understand…

Full PR after the jump.

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Review: The Booq Python Pack Pro Camera Bag

Bags are rad.

Recently we took a look at a great messenger style bag by Booq called the Python Courier.

It was a great solution for moving and protecting gear on a short shoot. While it was perfectly capable for a DSLR, small collection of lenses, and a tablet, there will be times when you just need to haul more kit.

Of course Booq has a solution for you. It’s called the Python Pack.
So let’s take a look.

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