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An Early Holiday Gift for Last Minute Shoppers: Our Favorite Things of 2013

favorite-thingsWe received such a great response to this when we posted it last week, we decided to post it again as we head to the final stretch of holiday shopping. Need some last minute gift ideas? Take a listen to YourTechReport Radio’s Favorite Things episode–and hopefully find that special gift for that special someone before all of the stores close.

…and Happy Holidays!

The first category is Toys, Games and Computers–and in this category we talk all about the XBOX One, NVIDIA Shield, Swann Bubblebomber, the Wii U and Traxxas QR-1. On the computer side of things we touch upon the Alienware x51, MacBook Pro lineup and Mac Mini to name a few. Take a listen.

Of course we can’t omit Tablets and Mobile Phones–and we have plenty to share, including the Lenovo Yoga tablet, iPad Mini with Retina Display, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC One and One Mini, the iPhone 5C and 5S, and more. Take a listen.

Finally in our Accessories and Gadgets category, we can’t let Mitchell escape without talking about Booq bags, chargers from Jackery, WeMo Home Automation solutions from Belkin, Bowers & Wilkins P7 Headphones, and Sennheiser Momentum headphones. Take a listen.

We hope you enjoying hearing about our favorite tech, and we’ll continue to bring you new reviews every Saturday at 1pm Eastern, on YourTechReport Radio, SiriusXM channel 167.

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Apple Updates iMac with Faster Processors, Wi-Fi & Flash Storage


The up side about months without product announcements or upgrades from Apple is that when it rains, it pours. Apple updated its iMac lineup this morning with the next generation Haswell processors, Wi-Fi ac, and faster PCIe Flash Storage. Also along for the ride is the latest NVidia graphics processor, offering twice the video memory and 40-percent faster performance.

Available as of today, the latest iMacs come standard with 8GB of memory and a 1TB hard drive, and customers can choose to configure their iMac with up to 32GB RAM and up to a 3TB hard drive. iMac also comes with two Thunderbolt and four USB 3.0 ports for connecting to external storage and other high performance peripherals.

Check the full release from Apple after the jump.

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Review: ECBC Hercules Travel Laptop Backpack – TSA Fast Pass Approved

ECBC Hercules Backpack yourtechreportI’m a nut for good bags.

Durable materials combined with room for accessories is a recipe for success. Package that in a good look aesthetic and you’ve got me hook line and sinker. ECBC is a company that I wasn’t familiar with before this review, but now I’m looking forward to trying out more of their gear.

The Hercules is their premier travel backpack, so let’s dig in and take a look!

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Review: The Kingston MobileLite Wireless Card Reader – Stream SD Cards and Flash Drives Over WiFi

Screenshot (59)It’s silly how much I like this thing.

During CTIA, my blogger friend forgot his camera cable and his memory card reader. The folks at Kingston hooked us up with a MobileLite and totally saved his butt. This is one of the handiest little gadgets I’ve had the benefit of playing with. Utilizing WiFi to connect up to three devices to the same pool of SD card and USB flash drive storage.

Let’s check it out!

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Juan at CTIA 2013: Hands On With Kingston’s MobileLite Wireless Card Reader

IMAG0634It’s funny how these trade shows work.

A blogger pal of mine forgot to pack not only his memory card reader, but also the cable for his camera. Poor guy was on deadline yesterday to cover events on the show floor with no way to transfer images off his camera.

And then we happened upon Kingston’s booth.

IMAG0639This MobileLite Reader is a bit bigger than most phones and connects to PC’s, iOS, and Android devices over WiFi. Pop in an SD card, or connect a USB flash drive, and you can share the contents of that card or drive with multiple devices up to a hundred feet.

The 1600 mAh battery can power the device for about 6 hours of actual use, IMAG0643and in a pinch you can leach off of the MobileLite to recharge your phone.

Trying it out on the show floor, even with a bunch of other wireless signals firing off around us, two tablets were able to stream HD video with almost zero lag.

An impressive little lifestyle device for its $70 street price, and it totally saved my buddy’s butt.

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Review: The Booq Boa Courier 13 Graphite Laptop Messenger Bag

BCR13-GFT11Booq makes some of my favorite bags and cases for laptops, tablets, and cameras. I personally use a Booq Python Pack Pro for all of my camera and audio equipment. Plus the Mamba Courier was one of my favorite bags to review last year.

I recently had the pleasure of spending a little time with their Boa Courier 13 Graphite, which is a messenger style bag designed to hold a 13″ laptop and some accessories.

Let’s see what Booq has to offer for the fashionable geek on the go!

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Windows 8 Quick Tip 02: Disable That Annoying App Switching Gesture!

Win8 QT 02I really like Windows 8, but I HATE the stupid trackpad gesture which automatically throws you into another app whenever you slide your finger in from the left hand side. My buddy Jeb hates it too, and asked me how to solve it. Thankfully, it only takes one quick trip to your settings to get rid of, so let’s turn that junk off!

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Windows 8 Quick Tip 01: My Rant About Closing Apps in the Modern UI

Win8 QT 01I really don’t have any patience for tech “journalists” who claim Windows 8 is difficult (nigh impossible) to use.

I’ve found that it’s actually a joy to us in many situations. I will admit that because it’s so much different than Windows 7, some consumers may struggle with the changes. To that end, I’m going to cut together a couple of short videos to help folks who might be having problems using Microsoft’s newest OS.

Instead of complaining because it’s new and different, let’s grow as people.

As promised, for those who REALLY care about such things, here’s a link to find a Start Button replacement for the desktop -

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Review: The Booq Mamba Courier Laptop Bag

How do I love Booq bags? Let me count the ways…
Following my reviews of their camera bags, I’m currently using a Python Pack as my primary method for hauling gear during video and audio projects.

However, there are times when you don’t need to outfit a production crew with cameras and lenses, and you might need to carry something just a bit more stylish.

For those times, Booq has the Mamba Courier.

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Palo Alto Audio Introduces a Pair of Stylish Speaker Sets for Your Laptop

My laptop is great on the go, but once I get home I like to expand my workspace a bit. I don’t have a proper dock, but my desk has a full sized keyboard and mouse. When I’m feeling really fancy, I’ll even connect an external monitor.

What I don’t have? Fancy speakers.

But Palo Alto Audio is ready to spice up our laptop listening experience with a pair of USB powered speaker sets. Musik ($59.95) looks to be inspired by the Macbook and has a simple white and silver finish. Cubik ($199.95) is edgy and looks like it was inspired by a futuristic jet engine.

Hit the jump for more info and pricing!

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