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We received such a great response to this when we posted it last week, we decided to post it again as we head to the final stretch of holiday shopping. Need some last minute gift ideas? Take a listen to YourTechReport Radio’s Favorite Things episode–and hopefully find that special gift for that special…(Read More)

It’s Christmas Eve in Gotham and Batman’s been protecting the city streets for about a year. Fed up with him getting in the way, Black Mask has hired eight assassins all for one purpose: Kill the Bat tonight and get 50 million dollars. As you can imagine, this has attracted some of the…(Read More)

I’m a sucker for a good bag! Mix practicality and durability with just a pinch of style, and you’ll get me every time. Golla sent their Garnet pro camera sling my way. I’ve spent about a month playing with it, taking it with me on a couple of location gigs…and I…(Read More)