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It’s here! Google’s living room invasion will be televised, and it’s only going to cost you $35 to join in! I just received this little TV add-on, so let’s take a look at the setup...

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id America sent us a pair of their new Metropolitan “In-Ear” Headphones. I’m very particular about inner-aural ear buds. If I’m going to be shoving something INSIDE my ear canal, I expect a certain tier...

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In this day and age, the idea of reviewing a standalone MP3 player felt a bit dull. I mean, I haven’t even been in the market for one since I got a smartphone. However, after...

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Video App Review: Pandora on Windows Phone 8

March 29, 2013 | 1 Comments

Score one for the Windows Phone Users! It’s not often we get cool perks like this, but if you’re rocking live tiles, then you get ad-free music streaming through Pandora for the rest of 2013....

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It’s always been the dream: The ability to use my high-quality earbuds WIRELESSLY with my smartphone to not only listen to music, but to also make and receive calls. Outdoor Technology has a solution to...

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Video Review: The Moshi Vortex In Ear Buds

October 26, 2012 | 0 Comments

I’m a sucker for a decent pair of mid-range headphones....

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