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We received such a great response to this when we posted it last week, we decided to post it again as we head to the final stretch of holiday shopping. Need some last minute gift ideas? Take a listen to YourTechReport Radio’s Favorite Things episode–and hopefully find that special gift for that special…(Read More)

I suck at RC. I had a little race car when I was a kid. Just trying to get it to run around an oval track was a frustrating experience–especially when friends of mine were going to track events on a regular basis. Lately I’ve been getting my hands on some incredible RC…(Read More)

I think our own Editor-in-Chief, Mitchell Whitfield, put it best when saying that there is nothing wrong with “embracing your inner man-child.” So when I was asked to review the Air Attack RC Helicopter from Swann, my inner man child and I both jumped for joy. After all, there’s nothing like…(Read More)

I learned years ago that there’s nothing wrong with embracing your inner man-child; because of this, my love of toys, video games and RC has never dissipated. One particular segment that’s captured my heart in the last year is RC helicopters. Unlike radio control planes, helicopters can be flown indoors and are…(Read More)