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2K’s companion app for NBA 2K14 is now available for a slew of iOS, Android and Kindle devices. The app gives players access to the latest NBA scores, along with the new MyGame and MyTeam Mobile modes, allowing them to interact with the NBA 2K14 console experience from wherever they are. MyGame mode allows…(Read More)

It’s Christmas Eve in Gotham and Batman’s been protecting the city streets for about a year. Fed up with him getting in the way, Black Mask has hired eight assassins all for one purpose: Kill the Bat tonight and get 50 million dollars. As you can imagine, this has attracted some of the…(Read More)

Rockstar has a lot to answer for, to be honest. They pretty much single-handedly kicked off the 3D sandbox game back in 2001 with Grand Theft Auto III, and have dominated the genre since. Sure there have been some very worthy challengers *cough* Saints Row IV *cough;* but GTA has reigned supreme for the…(Read More)

When Saints Row The Third arrived a couple of years ago, it took a series that had been a decent (albeit slightly wacky) GTA clone and just turned every single dial up to eleven; there were VTOL jets and hover bikes, zombie infestations, something that looked suspiciously like the S.H.I.E.L.D…(Read More)

 I love a simple concept well executed. You see, I’ve been playing games like this since the original Bejeweled on Palm OS. Since then I’ve played through tons of iterations of the same concept: connect lines of the same objects to get rid of them and score points. The problem is we keep…(Read More)

I’m a sucker for real time strategy. Managing resources. Conquering new territory. Defeating the enemy. I just get it. It clicks. RTS on Android is a tricky proposition. Make the game play too involved and it’s difficult to control on a touchscreen. Make it too easy and why bother playing? What’s emerged…(Read More)