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An Early Holiday Gift for Last Minute Shoppers: Our Favorite Things of 2013

favorite-thingsWe received such a great response to this when we posted it last week, we decided to post it again as we head to the final stretch of holiday shopping. Need some last minute gift ideas? Take a listen to YourTechReport Radio’s Favorite Things episode–and hopefully find that special gift for that special someone before all of the stores close.

…and Happy Holidays!

The first category is Toys, Games and Computers–and in this category we talk all about the XBOX One, NVIDIA Shield, Swann Bubblebomber, the Wii U and Traxxas QR-1. On the computer side of things we touch upon the Alienware x51, MacBook Pro lineup and Mac Mini to name a few. Take a listen.

Of course we can’t omit Tablets and Mobile Phones–and we have plenty to share, including the Lenovo Yoga tablet, iPad Mini with Retina Display, iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy Note, HTC One and One Mini, the iPhone 5C and 5S, and more. Take a listen.

Finally in our Accessories and Gadgets category, we can’t let Mitchell escape without talking about Booq bags, chargers from Jackery, WeMo Home Automation solutions from Belkin, Bowers & Wilkins P7 Headphones, and Sennheiser Momentum headphones. Take a listen.

We hope you enjoying hearing about our favorite tech, and we’ll continue to bring you new reviews every Saturday at 1pm Eastern, on YourTechReport Radio, SiriusXM channel 167.

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Video 1st Impressions – The Waterproof Galaxy S4 Active on AT&T!

waterproof galaxy s4 active review yourtechreportMaybe the most remarkable thing about the Galaxy S4 Active is how “normal” it is. There’s very little here to distract from the fact that it’s a premier smartphone.

After using it for a couple days, one has to wonder why more phones aren’t built this way…

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Review: BeyondCell Tri-Shield Case for the HTC One

beyondcell tri-shield case for HTC One YourtechreportThe HTC One is a premium device, and the metal uni-body construction feels really good in the hand. Unfortunately, aluminum can be dinged and scratched–so if you use your phone in rough conditions, you really want to throw a case on it.

On the CTIA show floor, BeyondCell hooked my HTC One up with a little more protection, and the case sells for a VERY nice price…

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Smartphone Camera Showdown: HTC One vs Samsung Galaxy S 4!

galaxy s4 vs htc one video comparison yourtechreportReady? FIGHT!

These two companies have managed to produce phones, which as premier Android devices, couldn’t be more different from each other. Nowhere is this more clearly illustrated than in their radically different approaches to the camera tech.

Now while there are still raging debates as to which camera produces better still photos, we can at least compare the video from these two directly! So let’s get cracking and see how the Galaxy S 4 compares to the HTC One in low light, night photography, and with movement.

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Ultimate Smartphone Video Showdown! HTC One UltraPixel vs Nokia Lumia 920 PureView

lumia vs oneReady? FIGHT!

These two phones offer the most premier video recording experience on the market today. The Lumia 920 has been out for a little while. The HTC One is the new kid on the block, but both feature an array of bleeding-edge optics.

Can HTC’s UltraPixels unseat Nokia’s PureView technology to crown the One as the smartphone video champion?

Watch on, my friends. Watch on.

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Video Review: Juan Takes the iStabilizer Dolly Out For a Spin

Let’s face it: Your smartphone videos probably suck.

If only there was some kind of device which could help improve the stability and movement of your videos. You know, so that people watching them wouldn’t get seasick…

Here’s my review of JUST such a product.

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Android App of The Week – Flixster

This app has been around for a little while, but recent refreshes and support for new services prompted me to give it a second look.

I’ve been using Flixster since it first started on Facebook as a way to rate movies you liked. As a social plugin to a social network, I didn’t think it was particularly useful. At its core, one might say that the exact same functionality could be found in services like Netflix or Amazon, and without the benefit of actually being able to rent or buy films.

So why revisit it now?

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Review: The Archos 32 Internet Tablet

I have to confess. This is going to be a difficult review for me to write, as the Personal Media Player market is in an interesting state of flux: Smartphones are attacking the PMP market from the smaller screen size side, and tablets are becoming more competitive at larger screen sizes.

The ability for dedicated PMP’s to differentiate themselves is quickly evaporating; however, the one advantage a company will always be able to leverage is price.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at Archos’ latest entry-level offering.

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Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11

I’m a Sony Software fan.
I’ve been using Sound Forge, Acid, and Vegas since before they were acquired by Sony, and were still Sonic Foundry products.
These products were largely responsible for putting a more pleasing look on top of normally austere, “functional” software, and introducing tools to make editing a little easier.
The release of Vegas Movie Studio HD 11, brings some very pleasnt UI tweaks, but underneath is a suprisingly capable consumer video editor.

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The Scosche sneakPEEK II: The Answer to Hotel Room Boredom…

Road warriors rejoice!  How many times have you been stuck in a hotel without anything to watch?  Well, here’s your salvation: the Scosche sneakPEEK II switchable component and composite audio/video cable.  Simply put, it hooks your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch directly into a television, letting you watch all of your digital media on a much larger screen, in either standard, or high definition. Most hotels have WiFi these days, but let’s face it–the movie and TV selection can be pretty weak.  Why not just go on Nextflix and watch what you want?  The sneakPEEK II let’s you do exactly that; anything you can watch on your iPhone or iPad you can now watch on the big screen.

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