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Seems like kind of a gimme, but I’m stoked to see Google finally making the stock calendar experience a stand alone app. Reviewing different phones, it can be frustrating how things like calendars function slightly differently on each device. I’m a stock snob. What can I say? I like the simplicity. The Goog…(Read More)

I’m embarrassed to say this little diversion has been destroying the battery on my Nexus 7. This one’s easy to recommend folks. You’re sound asleep when an avalanche strikes your cabin, and you have to ski to safety! Ok, well, you never actually make it to safety per se, this game is…(Read More)

Apps don’t always need to be super flashy, or tied into all of our social networks to be useful. This a super easy recommend. How to Tie a Tie does exactly what it says it’s going to do–namely, show you how to tie a tie. Including the bow tie, there are instructions…(Read More)

I’m a pretty connected guy when it comes to the social media. I’m pretty much on all of them (and yes I think I still do have logins for Friendster and Orkut), but I’ve never been much for combining my service– especially when it comes to location tracking. I like participating on…(Read More)

So I’m kind of a whore for tower defense games. From cartoony games like Plants Vs Zombies, to hardcore scifi throw downs like Sentinel 3, I can’t get enough. So when I found out that one of my favorite app developers made a tower defense set in the world of one of my…(Read More)