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Are you one of those last minute shoppers? We can’t all be prepared months in advance, can we? Take a listen to the YourTechReport holiday gift guide. We take you through a multitude of categories from Phones and Tablets, to Games and just everyday gadgets. No matter the price point, we have suggestions for…(Read More)

I’m a sucker for real time strategy. Managing resources. Conquering new territory. Defeating the enemy. I just get it. It clicks. RTS on Android is a tricky proposition. Make the game play too involved and it’s difficult to control on a touchscreen. Make it too easy and why bother playing? What’s emerged…(Read More)

It’s these quirky little utilities that making Android so much fun! We like customizing. I use different ringtones for my favorite contacts, and I set up different alerts for my notifications. For as much as I like to look at phone’s gorgeous screen, when I’m out and about, I like being able…(Read More)

I like zombies. I like running. Peanut butter and Jelly. Into The Dead is a great little running game. You’re running through fields and forests trying to evade the shambling corpses in your path. If they get a rotting hand on you, it’s all over. You just got ate son. Keep running until…(Read More)