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Facebook has updated its Android app providing a number of new features that have been previously available on to iPhone users. Facebook Android users will now be able to upload their photos faster, share their friends’ stories to Timelines, send voice messages to Facebook friends inside of the app, and give better access to pages…(Read More)

I’ve never really understood the phenomenon of keeping online albums full of photos of temporary things. Sure, I’ve been known to upload a food pic from time to time, but I fully expect that the people I share those pics with will understand those pics are utterly disposable…(Read More)

The original SHADOWGUN is still one of my favorite mobile games. A Gears of War style, third person, cover based shooter with simplified controls for touch screen interaction. How do you make a game like SHADOWGUN better? Add real time multiplayer and deathmatch options of course! There’s not a lot to add. MadFinger is…(Read More)