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One of the very first iPhone apps I can recall is Shazam – and the company is still going strong. Its latest app not only makes it easier to buy or stream content, it also gives you even faster access to lyrics and music videos, making the service way more useful and interactive than simply trying…(Read More)

Apple has quietly released iOS version 7.0.3 for its iOS devices, bringing needed fixes to sensor controls and iMessage activation issues, as well as fixing some pesky security issues. iCloud Keychain has now returned in this update so that you can keep track of your accounts, passwords and valuable credit card information across…(Read More)

Last week the apparently unthinkable happened, when Apple’s own developer portal was hacked–and it took just over eight days for the company to begin bringing services back up.  A Turkish security researcher claimed that he was the one behind the hack; however Apple has not confirmed his story, nor have they denied that…(Read More)

iOS fans, there is an alternative to Photostream for your cloud-photo-storage-needs. Amazon Cloud Drive Photos has just launched for iOS, complete with 5GB of free storage.  Simply download the app, sign in with your Amazon account, and then backup your photos – it feels just like the Dropbox photo backup and works swimmingly…(Read More)

In the wake of the iPhone 5 announcement, software announcements and pre-orders, it’s interesting to note that Apple has quietly removed the “Beta” moniker from its new The new features include access to Notes and Reminders, as well as enhancements to apps such as Find My iPhone – which as of today…(Read More)