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Take a look as we get a guided tour of AT&T’s Store of the Future in Westwood, CA. – and believe us, this is no ordinary AT&T store! If you like what you see, make sure you give this video a thumbs-up; and if there’s another video you’d…(Read More)

This Week on YourTechReport, we talk all about the new Nintendo Switch, chat with AT&T’s Meredith Red about all of the company’s current deals, and learn about Ping GPS…a great new tracking system…(Read More)

More and more people are “cutting the cord” when it comes to traditional satellite and cable service, as well as long-term contracts. Take a listen as we chat with Meredith Red about DirecTV Now…AT&T’s streaming solution that brings the satellite giant into the digital future…(Read More)

AT&T followed in T-Mobile’s footsteps announcing Data Rollover plans with a twist. Also unveiled at CES was an iPad case that offers users expandable memory, as well as an embedded 4G hotspot. We caught up with Merideth Red from AT&T during our CES coverage to get the details on…(Read More)

This weekend don’t miss our biggest show of the year. CES just wrapped up and we’re talking exclusively to some awesome guests from: Panasonic (Barry Murray) , Intel (Bryan Deadner), Dell/Alienware (Ray Watkins), Rdio (CEO Anthony Bay), FLIR (Bruce Cumming), Vert (Martin), Zepp Labs (Jason Fass), Samson and AT&T (Merideth Red…(Read More)