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Now Google Play Music has been an AOTW before; but following the announcement of Google’s All Access streaming internet radio service, we thought it would be a good time to revisit it. Clearly targeting Pandora and Spotify, now Google is offering an all you can eat music service for $9.99 a month. So…(Read More)

I’m embarrassed to say this little diversion has been destroying the battery on my Nexus 7. This one’s easy to recommend folks. You’re sound asleep when an avalanche strikes your cabin, and you have to ski to safety! Ok, well, you never actually make it to safety per se, this game is…(Read More)

What’s a little world conquest between friends? Risk is one of my absolute favorite board games of all time. A brutal game of strategy with just the right amount of luck involved to keep things interesting. Now if only there were a way to play this classic game on some kind of technology-like…(Read More)

It’s always a bit surprising to me, in this day and age of Android outselling iOS, that there are still third party apps which remain exclusive to Apple. That makes it even a bit more of a victory when a game that’s been on iOS for over a year FINALLY makes the jump…(Read More)