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Its a new era in digital imaging for Casio and a big day at CES for their digital photography division. Let’s begin with the revolutionary new TRYX. Featuring a new “tricked-out design,” the TRYX is .59-inches thick and has a variable frame design, allowing it to adapt to the user’s preferred…(Read More)

It seems like just yesterday I was talking about Facetime and Skype’s impending announcement of video calling for the iPhone – wait – that was three days ago in Our Road to CES Feature. Today, Skype has officially pulled the covers off of what may just be the biggest FaceTime rival to date. Skype’s official…(Read More)

2010 has been a spectacular year for Samsung. With nearly 10-million smartphones sold, the announcement of the Google Nexus S, a plethora of Windows Phone 7 handsets and who could forget the Samsung Galaxy Tab! Simply type Samsung into our site search and the results more then tell the story. This year Samsung is…(Read More)

2010 has been quite the year for many different types of technology. We’ve touched on tablets galore–so why not shift our focus to Video chatting. Sure, video chatting has been around for quite some time (a la iChat, Skype, MSN Messenger, etc.) but never as commercialized as when it was announced for the…(Read More)