• Sennheiser Momentum Gets New Color Options at CES

    Sennheiser Momentum Gets New Color Options at CES

    Sennheiser’s Momentum headphones are undoubtedly one of our top picks of 2013–and what better way to start the new year than with a new color for these impeccable over the ear headphones. The new color lineup includes ivory, high gloss black, classic brown, and intense red. These headphones feature a leather earpiece, stainless steel headband slider, and a sleek sexy design that delivers in sound quality as much as it does in style. The Sennheiser Momentum headphones retail for $349, and you can expect the new colors to begin appearing this month.

  • NVIDIA Powers The Next Generation Audi

    NVIDIA Powers The Next Generation Audi

    One of the biggest rumors leading up to CES was a partnership between Google and Audi; that came true, but the power behind it all is NVIDIA. NVIDIA has announced three new in-vehicle systems powered by their Tegra Visual Computing Module that will soon begin shipping in Audi models, offering a connected infotainment experience, an automotive-grade tablet that is fully integrated into the car, and a high-resolution digital cockpit with vivid 3D graphical displays. We’re excited to see partnerships like this that bring raw computing power to our automobiles–but with great power comes great responsibility; so here’s to hoping that consumers take the same care in using this new car tech as manufacturers take in designing them. Check the full release after the jump to learn more.

  • FLIR: The Thermal Imaging Case for your iPhone 5/5S

    FLIR: The Thermal Imaging Case for your iPhone 5/5S

    I know some contractors that will find this iPhone accessory particularly handy… FLIR is a thermal case for the iPhone 5 and 5S that delivers thermal imaging from heat signatures, animals, and other environmental sources up to 100 feet away. Add on infrared capabilities and a battery that will keep the case powered for up to two hours, and you have an incredible accessory for contractors, inspectors, or even adventurous do-it-yourselfers who want to keep their homes cool, identify leaks or water infiltration, or just see where the stud is when mounting that new flat screen. The FLIR One will begin shipping in the spring and will be available in white, grey or gold variations.  

  • GoGo In-Flight Finally Arrives in Canada

    GoGo In-Flight Finally Arrives in Canada

    Have you noticed the lack of GoGo in-flight internet in Canada? I surely have–and that’s about to come to an end. Gogo has officially gotten approval to go live over Canada, promising seamless wireless connectivity to travelers anywhere in North America. Gogo won the license to use its new Ku band satellite technology designed specifically for international travelers looking to stay connected. Expect the roll out to take place throughout the year.

  • Garmin Intros First nüvi With Wireless Backup Camera

    Garmin Intros First nüvi With Wireless Backup Camera

    Garmin has introduced its first nüvi navigation device with a wireless backup camera. The $399.99 portable GPS is the first in its line to offer the wireless accessory, offering customers even more choices when they are looking to upgrade their vehicle with Garmin’s premium navigation units. The new navigator features a 7-inch display, allowing users to easily spot people, vehicles and obstructions when backing up. The camera itself can be mounted on the back of any vehicle, and Garmin says that it’s rugged enough to withstand the harshest of weather. The camera can ideally be mounted and wired to the vehicle’s reverse lights for power, making the camera automatically turn on the live feed when you go into reverse; otherwise you’ll need to connect it to an “always on” power source for manual switching when you want to see what’s behind you.

  • Nikon Announces New Entry-Level D3300 DSLR

    Nikon Announces New Entry-Level D3300 DSLR

    Nikon’s entry level D3300 is becoming quite an attractive option in the world of DSLRs…entry-level or not. Nikon officially announced the D3300 successor to the D3200 with a 24.2MPB sensor, Nikon’s Expeed 4 image processor, and an ISO range of up to 25,600 bringing sharper images in low-light conditions. Shooting speed has also been bumped up to 5fps and will be capable of recording full 1080p video. The Nikon D3300 (along with the kit lens) will be available in February for $649.95.

  • Wireless Charging Arrives on iPad Air and Retina Mini

    Wireless Charging Arrives on iPad Air and Retina Mini

    If you’ve ever wanted induction charging on your iPad, you can now have it–as iPort has just announced its All-in-One Charge Case and Stand for both the iPad Air and iPad Mini with Retina Display. iPort’s charge case and stand is designed to combine a case with both a wireless charger and  stand; your iPad fits into the case portion and attaches magnetically to the stand/charger, and  when attached to the stand, your iPad can be rotated to suit your viewing and usage needs–all while charging at the same time. The iPort Charge Case and Stand for the iPad Air and the Retina iPad mini begins to ship in February for $119.95 and $99.95 respectively.







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