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CES Hands on: Nikon CoolPix s800c Camera with Android OS

vlcsnap-2013-01-16-07h25m31s249A common theme at this CES was making “dumb” devices “smarter.” After using the Samsung Galaxy Camera for a while, I was curious how Nikon’s CoolPix s800c Android camera would fare.

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Juan @ CES: UltraHD Televisions from LG, Sony, Toshiba, and Samsung

vlcsnap-2013-01-16-07h19m55s198You thought 1080p was hot?

You haven’t seen anything until you’ve fired up a 4K TV. UltraHD was all the rage on the show floor. Now all we need is content in 4K, and we can all buy our favorite movies again in a new format…

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CES: Video Sneak Peek of AT&T’s New Accessory Product Line

decibelI got to check out AT&T’s new accessory lineup on the CES floor. First, I think it’s genius they’re branding their accessories, and the new deciBel line of audio gear and cases is very attractive. The Ensemble iPhone printer case has an old school Polaroid charm, and the modern Wireless Home Speakers are ultra clean and modern.

Hit the video for a quick peek at AT&T’s new gear!

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Juan @ CES: Golla Bags and Cases – Fashion Forward + Corporate Friendly

vlcsnap-2013-01-13-21h11m35s193I discovered Golla last year and have become kind of obsessed with their gear. I’ve always been a sucker for ultra-modern design, and the Finns aesthetic appeals to me a great deal. I’m always on the look out for affordable gear, and in the USA Golla is also very exclusive.

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Juan @ CES Video: ECOVACS’ WinBot – A Window Cleaning Robot

vlcsnap-2013-01-12-12h50m01s232I get such a kick out of simple, single-purpose robots that serve purposes designed to make my life easier. Things like cleaning the home. I hate vacuuming and washing windows/mirrors. Ecovacs was showing off their new WinBot, and watching it work was oddly hypnotic…

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Juan at CES: Internet Kiosks…Maybe Not Such a Good Idea

20130108_200930_HDRLet me paint you a picture.

You’re in Vegas. You’re probably mildly intoxicated. You’re phone is dying. You desperately need to violate the “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” rule to tweet about something your buddy just did.

Do you walk up to random internet kiosks and start entering your user name and password info to all of your social networks and email?

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D-Link Announces New Cloud Cameras at CES

DCS-931L_Side_Left-436x640D-Link has updated its cloud camera range at CES. The new Cloud Camera 1050 and Cloud Camera 1150 are brand new devices that seamlessly work with D-Link’s MyDlink portal and companion apps. Delivering new features for around-the-clock surveillance, features include audio detection, image alerts based on sound, and an integrated wireless repeater–so you’re sure to be protected, all while extending your network and eliminating WiFi dead zones in your home. The Cloud Camera 1150 also comes with infrared illumination technology for night viewing purposes, letting users monitor a home or small office within a 16 foot range of the camera. When working in tandem with MyDlink, users are able to view the live video stream from a PC or notebook remotely, or do so in real-time video on an iPhone, iPad or Android device, using the free mydlink Lite app. The cameras retail for $79.99 for the 1050, and $99.99 for the  1150.

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ION Audio Clipster Takes your Tunes on the Go

Photo_Jan_06,_4_00_03_PM_610x813ION wants you to take your tunes everywhere and wear them proud with the new ION Clipster: a Bluetooth speaker complete with an ultra-portable design that clips onto whatever you wish. Available this spring for $29, the Clipster can be synced with any Bluetooth-compatible device, has a built-in rechargeable battery and rubberized face buttons to ensure you don’t actually hit something by accident. We’ll reserve final judgement until we can actually hear the audio quality, but the look and price point have definitely piqued our interest. Stay tuned…

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Cisco Linksys Diving Head-On into Gigabit Wireless

linksys-ea6700Cisco Linksys is taking the plunge into 802..11ac this year with a new lineup of routers with USB adapters. The AC 1200 (EA6300), AC 1600 (EA6400) and AC 1750 (EA6700) routers all introduce “beamforming,” which optimizes the signal path and theoretically doubles the real-world speeds versus many past routers. Each carries gigabit Ethernet and USB 3.0 support to maximize the speed for wired and shared devices – although higher-end models enjoy even faster wireless speeds.  Check the full release after the jump.

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Netgear Tackles Google TV with its Own NeoTV Prime Set-Top Box

neotvprime_largeNetgear has entered the Google TV set-top box market with their latest reveal, the NeoTV Prime. The new box features a standard Google TV layout allowing access to Chrome, Flash and the Play Store. Other streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon and HBO are also supported, along with Google’s own movie and TV store. The remote has been tweaked with a “My Media” button, along with shortcuts to the more popular streaming services, including YouTube. The NeoTV Prime will be available starting at $129.99 almost immediately.

In addition to the standard offerings, SlingPlayer and TuneIn Radio have been added to the mix, allowing you to access content from your Slingbox – and CKNTV has also been added offering live and on-demand access to content from Korea, and ShopNBC for live feeds for other programming.

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