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The name Samson has become synonymous with portable audio recording; and this year at CES, the company delivered a slew of new products–ranging from speakers to portable microphones. Product Specialist Manager James Petercsak joined us for an exclusive interview from the CES show floor to talk about the wide range of products Samson unveiled…(Read More)

AT&T followed in T-Mobile’s footsteps announcing Data Rollover plans with a twist. Also unveiled at CES was an iPad case that offers users expandable memory, as well as an embedded 4G hotspot. We caught up with Merideth Red from AT&T during our CES coverage to get the details on…(Read More)

Rdio calls itself a social jukebox with over 30 million songs to discover, play and share–but that description does’t even begin to scrape the surface of what they’re about. Imagine paying a monthly subscription fee and having access to a complete catalog of the music you want, whenever and wherever you want…(Read More)

During CES 2015 in Las Vegas, Panasonic came out strong with new technology ranging from electric shavers to televisions. In fact, there’s probably not another company out their with as diverse a portfolio of consumer electronics as the folks at Panasonic. We had the opportunity to speak with Barry Murray, Director of Audio Video…(Read More)

We’re not shy about our love for all things Alienware–and why would we be? Alienware is not only responsible for some of the coolest gaming PCs on the planet (including their new Alpha PC gaming console), but thanks to their parent company Dell, they boast wallet-friendly pricing as well. Take a listen…(Read More)

Though FLIR is a company that has been around for quite some time, it wasn’t until 2014 that they entered the everyday consumer space with a sub $1,000 thermal imaging attachment for the iPhone. Enter 2015–and FLIR is back with its second generation thermal imaging accessory which works on any iOS device…(Read More)