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The problem with most Notebook coolers is that every laptop is built a bit differently; so while some may generate heat on the right hand side of the chassis, others may heat up on the back left corner. The solution? NZXT’s Cryo E40. NZXT knows that every laptop has unique needs, and because of…(Read More)

Why settle for holding your PC peripherals when you can actually wear them? NZXT has been making gamers’ dreams come true with innovative PC accessories and peripherals–but their new Phantom Armor is their most ambitious product line ever. These wearable controllers give PC gamers the ultimate way to interact with their games, and are…(Read More)

I usually ┬áhave a problem with specialty keyboards. Unlike gaming mice, which are usually just more sensitive and have extra buttons to program, gaming keyboards tend to pile on a lot more stuff. Sometimes those extras can improve the overall computing experience, but often they will only benefit gaming while getting in the way of…(Read More)

Just giving you guys and gals a sneak peak at a new semi-regular feature I’ll be writing for YTR. If you had a chance to read over my review of the Nvidia GTX 560 Ti, you might’ve gotten the sense that I rather enjoyed throwing some new gear into my home desktop…(Read More)