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If you’re a Verizon subscriber with a Galaxy Nexus, it looks like your Android 4.0.4 update could have already been pushed down to your device. While there is no official announcement, Droid-Life has apparently broken the news in which a Verizon employee’s screen outed the update along with yesterday’s…(Read More)

This is exciting! The original Nexus One was an experiment in selling directly to consumers, and is largely considered to be a sales flop. Google apparently spent the Nexus S year licking its wounds, but now it’s back. New Nexus. New Web store (Google Play). New Low off-contract price. The Galaxy Nexus can…(Read More)

So, you want a Galaxy Nexus, but you’re worried that the combination of large 720p screen and LTE data will kill your battery life. Worry no longer, as Samsung is offering an extended battery with the purchase of a Galaxy Nexus starting TODAY! The promotion runs through May 10th, and people who purchase a…(Read More)

I’ve known for a while that Sprint was going to get the Galaxy Nexus, but I’ve been under NDA. It would seem that the cat is now officially out of the bag! To celebrate the Nexus’ arrival (and to help introduce their new LTE 4G network), Sprint will be giving away 30 Galaxy…(Read More)

Sprint is getting the Samsung Galaxy Nexus too–and if you’re interested in getting one, Sprint has just launched their registration page for Google’s latest flagship phone model and you can click here to make sure you’re in the queue. We’ll have our full review of the Galaxy Nexus later this…(Read More)