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We’ve seen Bracketron’s universal GPS window mount before–but now you can pick up their ultimate GPS mounting solution closer to home. The Universal GPS Window Mount is a sturdy mount that combines security and versatility, keeping your GPS in view without compromising safety. It fits most every GPS unit out there with…(Read More)

Did you know you can get a mobile phone mount for your golf bag, or perhaps a mat designed to turn your windshield mounted GPS into a dashboard mount? It’s all possible courtesy of Bracketron, who not only makes custom fit mounts for many popular vehicles, but a whole line of universal mounts for…(Read More)

We don’t necessirily reccomend hiding this on a loved one, but loved items are a different story. When the Find My iPhone feature launched with Apple’s MobileMe service, how many of you didn’t say “I wish I could use that for my…insert device here”? Garmin is making that dream a reality…(Read More)

The World’s first radar/laser detector with GPS The modern automobile is a technological marvel, packed with massive computing power for anti-lock brakes, stability control, traction control, laser-guided cruise control and so on. Yet, many of us feel the need to pack even more electronic gadgetry into our rides, including things like…(Read More)

Convergence is key in most multi media technologies these days. Many of us already watch TV, browse the web and chat with friends on our laptops–and soon we’ll be doing all that and more on our televisions. But convergence is accelerating in automotive technology as well. Your Tech Report has been given a…(Read More)