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Garmin Edge 200 Cycling GPS Tracks your Progress So you don’t Have to

GPS devices come in all shapes and sizes–and now they do the dirty work for you so that you don’t have to keep track of your progress. The new Garmin Edge 200 Cycling GPS is designed to save you from carrying your big expensive GPS and keep track of your riding progress all at the same time. It requires no calibration to get going and its high-sensitivity GPS receiver is encased in a weather resistant package, to track you no matter what the conditions or terrain. Track speed, distance, time and calories in a compact size that’s great for your rides. The Edge 200 will be available later this year for $149.99

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Bracketron Announces Universal GPS Window Mount at Best Buy

We’ve seen Bracketron’s universal GPS window mount before–but now you can pick up their ultimate GPS mounting solution closer to home. The Universal GPS Window Mount is a sturdy mount that combines security and versatility, keeping your GPS in view without compromising safety. It fits most every GPS unit out there with adjustable “wings” that open up to 4.5-inches. For $24.95 at your nearest Best Buy, you can stop wasting your time looking for that specialized mount for that one-of-a-kind GPS. Check the full release after the jump.

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Mount Anything Anywhere Courtesy of Bracketron

Did you know you can get a mobile phone mount for your golf bag, or perhaps a mat designed to turn your windshield mounted GPS into a dashboard mount? It’s all possible courtesy of Bracketron, who not only makes custom fit mounts for many popular vehicles, but a whole line of universal mounts for just about any application–including your bicycle. Check out the complete line at and look out for our upcoming reviews.

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Grarmin Gets you Trackin’

We don’t necessirily reccomend hiding this on a loved one, but loved items are a different story. When the Find My iPhone feature launched with Apple’s MobileMe service, how many of you didn’t say “I wish I could use that for my…insert device here“? Garmin is making that dream a reality with the Garmin Tracker. This nifty little device will keep you in the loop on the location of whatever object you attach it to. All you have to do is attach it to whatever (or whomever) you want to track, and with the use of a computer or app, you can easily locate where the tracker is–you can even set it up so that when the tracker leaves a certain area you can be immediately notified via SMS or Email. The Garmin tracker is available now for $200, which includes one year of service.

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ESCORT Introduces World’s First Radar Detector with GPS

The World’s first radar/laser detector with GPS

The modern automobile is a technological marvel, packed with massive computing power for anti-lock brakes, stability control, traction control, laser-guided cruise control and so on. Yet, many of us feel the need to pack even more electronic gadgetry into our rides, including things like GPS systems, radar detectors, cell phone chargers, DVD systems etc. In an effort to consolidate some of that gee wizardry crowding your dashboard, ESCORT Inc. is introducing the world’s first and only radar detector with GPS navigation built in.

With the Las Vegas CES backdrop serving to drum up international attention, ESCORT is showing off its state-of-the-art radar/laser detection unit which also happens to have 3D GPS navigation, red light and speed camera notifications, speed limit notifications and many more features. ESCORT President and CEO John Larson says “The PASSPORT iQ is your ultimate driving companion.”

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Parrot ASTEROID Sets the Bar for Auto Infotainment

MP3, AM/FM, Web, Phone, GPS and more all in one!

Convergence is key in most multi media technologies these days. Many of us already watch TV, browse the web and chat with friends on our laptops–and soon we’ll be doing all that and more on our televisions. But convergence is accelerating in automotive technology as well.

Your Tech Report has been given a preview of the new Parrot ASTEROID, being unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and it could change the way you drive. Think of it as one part car receiver, one part advanced cell phone, one part web browser and one part multi-media library manager. The ASTEROID works on the Android OS and if you plug in a GPS dongle (included) and a 3G key (not included) you get navigation as well.

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Android App of the Week: Get Your Geocache on With C:GEO

I like gadgets.

I like nature.

Taking gadgets out into nature is like mixing peanut butter and chocolate.

My favorite outdoor tech activity is geocaching, which is a worldwide online scavenger hunt using GPS. People hide things, and then upload the co-ordinates to, where you can download those co-ordinates and then search for the caches.

c:geo by Carnero uses the phone’s GPS and compass to help you find geocaches in your area.

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Geotag Your Photos Indoors With the New Casio EXILIM EX-H20G Hi-Zoom Camera

Geotagging is pretty hot these days. Not only does it show others where you’ve taken a particular shot, but there have been several times when looking through old shots that I couldn’t remember where I took the pic.

GPS’s main drawback, however, is it needs to be able to see the sky to see GPS satellites. This is fine in an automobile for turn by turn (where the GPS can “assume” you’re staying on roads), but can be extremely difficult to get accurate results indoors. Try firing up your GPS in an elevator…

Casio has developed a new system they’re calling Hybrid-GPS, which combines traditional GPS signals from satellites and internal sensors in the camera to provide accurate results in buildings. This system is being debuted today in the new EXILIM EX-H20G Hi-Zoom camera, featuring a 14MP image sensor, 10x optical zoom, 720P video recording, and a world atlas with over 10,000 points of interest stored internally.

More pics of the camera and a full press release after the break…

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Google Maps for Mobile – Now With Walking Directions and Street View Navigation

As if Google Maps on Android wasn’t formidable enough already…

Released yesterday with the Google Voice update, the new Google Maps app features a trio of exciting new features:

*Walking Navigation (beta) – What’s the best way to get from Point A to B on foot? Well you can google that now! Might not be available in all areas just yet…

*Street View Smart Navigation – Street view has always been pretty cool, but tapping the arrows to (slowly) move down a street was kind of a pain. No more. The interface is now MUCH faster, featuring touch and swipe gesturing to show you what you want to see. This does require a separate download from the Android App Market. Look for “Street View on Google Maps”.

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Samsung Galaxy Tablet gets official teaser video

Samsung has just released a teaser video for its upcoming 7″ tablet device.  The teaser video ends with September 2, 2010 “Berlin Germany” so no word on a North American release but the trailer does seem rather attractive. The trailer reveals a couple interesting details including: Android 2.2, Flash Support, GPS Navigation, Video Calling, HD Video and much more. Check out the teaser below:

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