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It takes a lot to impress me with new hardware. Each new phone is an incremental gain on its competitors, and on the phone which came before it. I believe we are now entering the age of “The Infrastructure” where services, network, support, software, and ecosystem are more important than any one hardware revision. However…(Read More)

For all we talk about exciting new gadgets, reviewing the latest and greatest, any piece of tech can seem incredible when it’s fresh out of the wrapper.  The true test of a gadget is how it treats you months or years after it loses that new gadget sheen. While I like to stay cutting…(Read More)

Let’s face it… if you’re a smart-phone user (and the way things are going, everyone soon will be), things have never been better.  The industry’s leading manufacturers, together with the various service providers, appear to be committed to a consumer friendly strategy of extreme one-upsmanship – rolling out more and more…(Read More)

So let’s say you’re on Sprint’s network. Even if you’re not a techie, you probably know that 4G is all the rage right now…and thankfully, Sprint’s got a few choices for you in that department. But what if you like the design and the “Sense” Android skin of the…(Read More)

Ah HTC. One of my favorite manufacturers. From the early days of the iPaq, to devices like the PPC-6700 (which was re-branded as an Audiovox), to your emerging self branded Windows Mobile phones, to your championing of the Android platform, you’ve rarely put out a bad device. Now, as you begin your…(Read More)