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There probably isn’t a single company that affects the global tech market as much as Intel does. Sure, they make the chips found in the majority of PCs, but they also innovate in ways you couldn’t imagine. Listen in as walk talk with Bryan Deaner about not only what Intel has planned for…(Read More)

This weekend don’t miss our biggest show of the year. CES just wrapped up and we’re talking exclusively to some awesome guests from: Panasonic (Barry Murray) , Intel (Bryan Deadner), Dell/Alienware (Ray Watkins), Rdio (CEO Anthony Bay), FLIR (Bruce Cumming), Vert (Martin), Zepp Labs (Jason Fass), Samson and AT&T (Merideth Red…(Read More)

Lenovo has been busy updating its ThinkPad line with Intel’s latest Haswell processors. The Haswell-powered ThinkPad Ultrabook is called the T440s and is being dubbed the “ultimate business Ultrabook.” All specs are still under wraps, but we know it does include a 14-inch 1920×1080 IPS display with 180-degree viewing angle, optional…(Read More)

We’ve already told you about Alienware’s latest gaming laptops–but it seems the folks at MSI also have some mobile gaming rigs to share, in the form of their new G Series of laptops. Featuring the latest Intel chipset and newest NVIDIA GPUs, these new machines deliver twice the graphics performance of previous…(Read More)