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Video Review: The Skullcandy Aviator Headphones with Microphone for iPhone/iPad

aviator_3-4_black_1I don’t have a lot of experience with Skullcandy headphones. Honestly, I’ve always thought they looked a bit cheap. I was pleasantly surprised to see how nice the Aviators looked. A very classic, old-school design. Very clean, and great fit on the ears. You can actually see me using these cans in our last YTR Hangout.


Do they sound as good as they look?

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iWalk Announces Amour Headphones

Screen Shot 2013-01-03 at 3.46.49 PMiWalk has unveiled its latest headphones, the Amour – a selection of iDevice headsets in varying colors with remote microphone and multi-function remote control for your smart device. Complete with tangle-free cord, gold plated tips and soft molding ear inserts, these $79.99 headphones are available in four colors from, or select Sprint Stores and retailers nationwide. Check the full release after the jump.

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Bowers & Wilkins P3 Headphones: Compromise without Compromise

As much as we love our Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones, I realized 2 things after doing my original review:

1. Though at $299 we felt that the P5 was a bargain, that price point may still be a bit high for folks on a budget who still want to experience Bowers & Wilkins audio.


2. While the P5 headphones are quite compact, many consumers are still looking for headphones that are more portable.

Now on the surface, B&W’s C5 in-ear headphones seem like the perfect solution–featuring a lower price ($179.95) as well as a much smaller in-ear form-factor; but the simple truth is that while the C5′s are a fantastic in-ear audio solution, some folks simply prefer on-ear or over-the-ear models. So what did Bowers & Wilkins do? What they always do–they outdid themselves. Read on to learn why the P3 headphones are the perfect compromise…without having to compromise.

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Satechi Releases BT Lite Headphones

Ever out listening to your iPod and in the process of putting it in your pocket, grabbing your wallet, pulling a book or Kindle out of your bag, you’ve managed to tangle yourself in the cord of your headphones like an early Wonder Woman cover? Well Satechi has a solution for you in the form of their BT Lite Headphones. The Bluetooth 3.0 headphones allow you to stream audio from your device without the need for tying yourself up in cords. The BT Lite headphones have integrated controls for volume and music and can easily switch between call and music mode when used with a smartphone

Satechi BT Lite Headphones are available now for $44.99. For more information, check out the release after the jump.

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Bose Hits the Streets with New Design and Signature Sound

If you’re looking for high-end over-the-ear headphones, the choices are a plenty–and this new pair from Bose is refreshed and ready for you to take a listen to. The new Bose OE2 headphones offer a stylish new design (available in both black and white) and are both slimmer and lighter than their predecessor; the one thing that Bose promises hasn’t changed, is the excellent audio quality. There are two version of this new design–the $150 OE2 and $180 OE2i–the difference is the addition of an inline remote and microphone (Apple compatible, of course) on the higher priced model.

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iSkin Presents earTones: Quality Sound, Quality Protection

iSkin, the creator of many great iAccessories, is back in action with earTones. Available in a variety of different colors, these stereo earphones feature the same antimicrobial protection that their keyboard protection offers, in a great headphone accessory. On top of the protection, you’ll get a built in remote that works with iOS, Mac and BlackBerry devices–and of course, high quality audio. Check the full release after the jump.


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Medis Earphones By Urbanears: Comfortable, Cool and Colorful

We’re always on the lookout for a good pair of in-ear headphones and the folks at Urbanears have piqued our curiosity with the Medis. Along with looking incredibly cool (and coming in 12 different colors), they pack some impressive tech. The Medis features “ear-click” technology that anchors the earpiece in 2 different places, thereby alleviating the discomfort caused by earphones that put all of the pressure on one part of your ear; you also get 4 interchangeable inserts to further enhance your comfort. The Medis also features an inline mic and remote that will let you make calls with your Apple, Nokia, HTC and Blackberry phones. With an MSRP of $50, they seem to be a great deal–of course, we’ll reserve final judgement until after we hear how they sound. We’ll be sure to post a full review as soon as we get our hands on a pair.

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Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones: Portable Perfection

If you read the article I posted on Wednesday, you already know how much I was looking forward to the arrival of these headphones and how I shamed myself in the process; what you don’t know is how I actually felt about them once they arrived. It’s like going to see that movie that all of your friends loved and insist you will love as well; what could possibly live up to that kind of hype? Wasn’t I just setting myself up for disappointment? If the title of the article hasn’t already given it away, the answer is a resounding NO–the Bowers & Wilkins P5 noise-isolating headphones are the real deal.

The first thing you’ll notice about the P5′s is the gorgeous design. In fact, they looked so good sitting in the matte-black-finish box that they came in, I had a difficult time bringing myself to take them out–so I didn’t. I literally spent my first few hours after their arrival parading around my house with a pair of beautiful headphones that I refused to put on. When I finally DID remove them from the box, I felt like I was holding a piece of functional art in my hands.

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WARNING: Putting On a Pair of Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones May Result in Never Taking Them Off

Thankfully, it’s not very often that I sit outside and wait for the UPS truck to arrive; I’d like to think that I have a bit more going for me than that. I’d like to think that. Sadly, eagerness won out over ego as I found myself sitting outside around the exact time my UPS deliveries usually arrive. What could possibly cause me to behave in such a way–to ignore every lesson I ever learned about the rewards of playing it cool? Anyone who’s been to an Apple Store recently will know the answer; it’s sitting on a table attached to all of the iPhones and iPods: It’s the Bowers & Wilkins P5 Headphones. If you never thought tech could be sexy, think again…and it’s more than just the way they look; it’s the way they sound and feel. My UPS Driver knows my shame–and come Friday, you will too. Stay Tuned…

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