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Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference starts tomorrow and as always all eyes will be on San Francisco as Apple announce new software, products and services during the event’s keynote. This year Mitchell, Marc and I are putting forward our predictions for likely announcements tomorrow. Also tomorrow we’ll be live-tweeting the whole…(Read More)

Responding to reports that third-party power adapters “may not be designed properly and could result in safety issues,” Apple has announced a USB Power Adapter Takeback Program which lets you pick up original Apple adapters for the iPad, iPhone and iPod for just $10 (saving $9) if you return a third party adapter in…(Read More)

Adobe has just upped the ante for mobile device photo editing with the new Photoshop Touch for iPhone / iPod touch. With new features such as scribble selection and camera fill, users of the iPhone/iPod Touch will be treated to features formerly available only on the iPad edition. Check it out in the AppStore now…(Read More)

Apple wants you to get bouncing with its new ad for the iPod Touch and Nano. Announced just a bit ago at its iPhone 5 keynote, the new iPod lineup is just appearing in stores and shipping to consumers worldwide. If you haven’t seen the ad on tv yet, here it is in all…(Read More)

If you have been itching to check out the new iPod Touch or iPod Nano, now is your chance. The fifth gen Touch is now shipping and now available in Apple retail stores across North America, while the Nano is starting to pop up as well. The seventh generation Nano comes complete with 16GB of…(Read More)

Apple has introduced a new set of ear buds for its mobile devices –¬†EarPods. The new buds feature both inline control and microphone for use with your iDevices, while its direct speaker port points forward into your ear canal for higher quality sound resonance. The new EarPods will be a stand alone accessory available today…(Read More)