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In a recent announcement,┬áMackie confirmed that it’s now shipping the DL806 digital mixer powered by your iPad. The baby DL1608 as I like to call it carries the same design as its big brother, but with only 8-channels for smaller applications. The DL806 is available through its regular dealer channels with a…(Read More)

Although the Mackie DL1608 Digital mixer has not been available for long, updates are on their way courtesy of a 1.2 update to the Mackie Master Fader app. The new update is free to download and includes a slew of new items such as iOS 6 support, background recording, higher resolution recording, improved discovery…(Read More)

I’ll be honest – all these Mackie DL1608 podcasts are doing is make me want to get my hands on this new device even more…and I guess that might just be the purposes. The latest installment of the “Getting to Know” the Mackie DL1608 podcast covers the input processing, allowing you to control various…(Read More)