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Mackie Announces Lightning-Connector -quipped DL-1608 and 806

MFMyF_LMODIn case you weren’t aware, I’m a big fan of Mackie products and have been spending a lot of time with my DL1608 iPad-powered mixer. This mixer is awesome thanks to the fact that software does all the hard work and the interface is customizable–making it a truly flexible accessory in my audio arsenal. We have two bits from Mackie today specific to the DL-series mixers. They’ve announced that a new version sporting the Apple Lightning connector is now shipping, meaning you’ll  o longer need Apple’s 30-pin-to-lightning adapter when using newer iPads (the new version also includes a tray for using the iPad Mini). Alternatively, you can buy an upgrade kit for your existing 30-pin-equipped models.

The second announcement from Mackie is great new features to the Mackie Master Fader app that controls the DL-series mixers. Version 2.0 will be available soon and offers new features such as Input Channel Linking, Aux Send Linking, Mute Groups, View Groups, Pre-DSP Aux Sources, and a Quick Access Panel giving you easy access to some of the mixer’s most useful features. Take a look at Product Manager Ben Olswang’s walk-through after the jump.

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Mackie Now Shipping the DL806 Digital Mixer

DL806_FrontSlantIn a recent announcement, Mackie confirmed that it’s now shipping the DL806 digital mixer powered by your iPad. The baby DL1608 as I like to call it carries the same design as its big brother, but with only 8-channels for smaller applications. The DL806 is available through its regular dealer channels with a retail price of $799, and is an ideal solution for live sound, event, and recording use. If you’d like to read our full review of the DL1608, you can do so by clicking here.

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Mackie Updates DL1608 Master Fader App with New Features

Although the Mackie DL1608 Digital mixer has not been available for long, updates are on their way courtesy of a 1.2 update to the Mackie Master Fader app. The new update is free to download and includes a slew of new items such as iOS 6 support, background recording, higher resolution recording, improved discovery, and much more–bringing this iPad-powered mixer to new heights. Check the complete release after the jump; and assuming FedEx has actually found my review unit, we’ll have our initial unboxing and full review soon.

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Mackie DL1608 iPad Controlled Digital Mixer Now Shipping, Master Fader App Updated

BIG and Exciting news from Mackie today, as they have announced the official release of the much anticipated DL1608 16-channel iPad-powered Digital Live Sound Mixer. The new device is now shipping worldwide and comes alongside an update to its Master Fader control iOS app, unleashing all of the features and options previewed for this launch. Updates to the app include the ability to store and recall presets, snapshot and show capabilities, and the ability to configure up to ten iPad devices for wireless operation. We’re quite excited to give you a hands-on reaction once our unit arrives; but if you can’t wait, retailers have been taking pre-orders–so get in fast if you want to get your hands on this $1,249 device sometime within the next month! Check out the full release after the jump…

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Mackie’s Master Fader App Gets Released, Hardware Expected in August

Mackie’s upcoming iPad-powered mixer, the DL1608, is coming soon…and the hype continues to build. One of the major components of the mixer is the software-based engine that drives the hardware–an app called the Master Fader app–and ahead of the Mixer’s August debut comes the software’s pre-release.

“There’s been a tremendous amount of interest in the DL1608… especially surrounding the user interface,” commented Ben Olswang, Mackie product manager. “That’s why we wanted to release the Master Fader control app as soon as possible. Anybody interested in the Mackie DL1608 can get their hands on the intuitive touch control app before the mixer hits the shelves.”

Mackie’s Master Fader App and third DL1608 podcast are available now in the App Store. Check the full release after the jump. 
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Mackie DL1608 Podcast Episode #2 Highlights Input Processing

I’ll be honest – all these Mackie DL1608 podcasts are doing is make me want to get my hands on this new device even more…and I guess that might just be the purposes. The latest installment of the “Getting to Know” the Mackie DL1608 podcast covers the input processing, allowing you to control various levels of gate, compression and more on every single channel of the mixer. Quick refresher: the Mackie DL1608 is a digital mixer that is completely controlled by your iPad and is set to hit shelves come July. Check out edition #2 of the podcast here, and the full release after the jump.

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See the Mackie DL1608 in Action with an exclusive Podcast Series

In my continued excitement to get my hands on the new Mackie DL-1608 mixer, the company has announced a new Video Podcast Series – the first episode of which focuses on the features of the new iPad controlled mixer. Fans can subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes or just watch the episodes in YouTube, the first of which we’ve included here for you. In case you need a memory jog, the Mackie DL1608 is a full-featured digital mixer which can be used wired or wirelessly with your iPad. The Master Fader app, yet to be released, will give you unparalleled control over your mixing and the device can even support up to 10 iPad devices–so musicians can control their own monitor mix on stage if they so desire. Check the full release after the jump, and Episode 1 of the video podcast below.

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Mackie Throws the iPad Controlled DL-1608 Mixer into the Dierks Bently Fire

Looking ahead to a summer release for Mackie’s new digital 16-channel iPad controlled Mixer is a hard thing to do; but unfortunately, we have no choice but to wait. In anticipation of that release comes a great DL-1608 story that coincided with Record Store Day just a few weekends ago. Mackie, a company known for their pro-audio products and mixers, lent the new iPad controlled mixer to Dierks Bently and Brad so that Front of House engineers could go hands-on using the interface in all its glory. After a quick 30-minute tutorial, they were left on their own to man the show. Check the below video for the recap of the day, and look for the summer release of Mackie’s DL-1608 digital mixer and the Master Fader app that controls it all this coming June. You can also check the full release after the jump.

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The Mackie Mixer of our Dreams – DL-1608 with iPad control…

The latest technology finds its way into some of the most obvious of places, and often into the less-obvious. Having a background in audio makes me extremely excited to get my hands on the new Mackie DL-1608 iPad controlled mixer. Although it was announced at NAMM, we’ve been holding out until some of Mackie’s own PR was out–and that time is now.
The DL-1608 brings together superior ONYX pre-amps (16 channels worth) with six auxiliary sends, iPad audio playback, iPad recording of your main mix, and did I mention that everything is completely assignable? The best part: it’s all software controlled with your iPad! Wait- it gets even better… 
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