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Microsoft has really been impressing us with hardware lately…and their new Surface Book continues this trend by adding a ton of power to their portable 2-in-1 laptop. Take a look as Marc goes hands-on; and if you’re interested in picking one up for yourself, click the link below to head…(Read More)

Ever wonder what a Community Manager does in the world of gaming? We did too! So we caught up with Josh Stein…and learned that being the Community Manager for Microsoft Studios involves more than you could ever imagine…(Read More)

He’s known to the world as Xbox Live’s Major Nelson…and he’s become the face and voice of the entire Xbox brand; and while we loved talking with him about gaming, we were also interested in learning more about the man behind the gamertag. Take a listen as we dedicate an entire…(Read More)

Apple unveiled their vision of the future for their operating systems during their WWDC keynote; Microsoft also kicked off E3 in grand style…and Mitchell was there front and center…(Read More)