• Mackie Announces Lightning-Connector -quipped DL-1608 and 806

    Mackie Announces Lightning-Connector -quipped DL-1608 and 806

    In case you weren’t aware, I’m a big fan of Mackie products and have been spending a lot of time with my DL1608 iPad-powered mixer. This mixer is awesome thanks to the fact that software does all the hard work and the interface is customizable–making it a truly flexible accessory in my audio arsenal. We have two bits from Mackie today specific to the DL-series mixers. They’ve announced that a new version sporting the Apple Lightning connector is now shipping, meaning you’ll  o longer need Apple’s 30-pin-to-lightning adapter when using newer iPads (the new version also includes a tray for using the iPad Mini). Alternatively, you can buy an upgrade kit for your existing 30-pin-equipped models. The second announcement from Mackie is great new features to the Mackie Master Fader app that controls the DL-series mixers. Version 2.0 will be available soon and offers new features such as Input Channel […]

  • Unboxing the Mackie DL1608 iPad Powered Mixer

    Unboxing the Mackie DL1608 iPad Powered Mixer

    Today is more exciting than most days because after a lot of shipping woes, the Mackie DL1608 iPad-powered mixer was waiting for me at the office–I don’t think I even opened my office door before I cracked open the box of the DL1608 and saw it in all its glory. Of course after opening the box the next best thing is to plug it in and see what my iPad can now do for my audio sessions. The first thing you notice about the DL1608 is its shockingly small size. When you work in the audio business you get used to 16-channel mixers being rather large and heavy–but the DL1608 is everything but (heck I think I could carry this in a carry on bag next time I travel!). Open the box, jack in the power, ethernet and a couple of audio sources (it helps to have an always connected […]

  • Mackie Throws the iPad Controlled DL-1608 Mixer into the Dierks Bently Fire

    Mackie Throws the iPad Controlled DL-1608 Mixer into the Dierks Bently Fire

    Looking ahead to a summer release for Mackie’s new digital 16-channel iPad controlled Mixer is a hard thing to do; but unfortunately, we have no choice but to wait. In anticipation of that release comes a great DL-1608 story that coincided with Record Store Day just a few weekends ago. Mackie, a company known for their pro-audio products and mixers, lent the new iPad controlled mixer to Dierks Bently and Brad so that Front of House engineers could go hands-on using the interface in all its glory. After a quick 30-minute tutorial, they were left on their own to man the show. Check the below video for the recap of the day, and look for the summer release of Mackie’s DL-1608 digital mixer and the Master Fader app that controls it all this coming June. You can also check the full release after the jump.







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