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AT&T’s Unite Pro Mobile Hotspot Available Now

ATTUNITE3[1]Instead of buying multiple mobile devices, each with their own data plan, the smarter play may be buying WiFi-only devices and going with a mobile hotspot–and AT&T’s Unite Pro may be the perfect choice. Capable of connecting up to 15 devices at once, the Unite Pro has enough features to please even the most hardcore mobile warriors–including a 2.4″ touchscreen display that shows battery life, data used, number of devices connected and network name. Nice touches like being able to use the device as a portable charger and dual band WiFi make the Unite Pro not incredibly versatile, but a powerful mobile tool as well. We’ll have our full report once our unit arrives, but until then, you can check the full PR after the jump to learn more.

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AT&T Launching the Unite LTE Hotspot With 2.4-inch Touchscreen

ATT_UniteAT&T is launching its latest LTE portable hotspot–the AT&T Unite–at CES. The Unite will give you portable internet power on AT&T’s 4G LTE network in a small package, complete with its own 2.4-inch touchscreen display. Up to¬†10 devices can connect to the hotspot at once, plus, it will offer the convenience of one-time use passwords for those just passing through. No pricing or available has been announced, but we’d bet money on a launch date being announced within the week at CES.

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Tether Returns to the iPhone Without an App

Tether was a short-lived app that actually made it past Apple’s approval process into the App Store (then pulled by Apple) that allowed you to tether devices to your iPhone using your standard data plan. Well, tether is back–and through their website (and HTML5-based technology) are offering iPhone users on non-Jailbroken devices to tether and take advantage of your iPhone data plan. Easy to install, it works practically anywhere. Check out their site for all of the details, and watch the video below to learn more.

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BlackBerrry OS 6.1 to bring WiFi Hotspot Functions

In more BlackBerry news, online reports seem to show some screenshots of BlackBerry OS 6.1, a minor update to its latest Operating System–but they seem to show the likeliness of a Mobile Hotspot feature. As more and more devices are equipping themselves with this feature, its no surprise that BlackBerry devices will also bring the personal hotspot fun.

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Sierra Wireless intros dual-carrier HSPA+ / LTE AirCards

Wasn’t it just this time of year last year when we were getting all geared up for the first of many LTE announcements? Now with LTE here, Sierra Wireless is leading the proverbial pack with the announcement of some dual-carrier HSPA+ and LTE AirCards. Its latest two new mobile hotspots include the AirCard 754S and 753S. The former supports dual-carrier LTE, while the latter handles dual-carrier HSPA+, enabling the standard 5 simultaneous users to surf on either of the two network grades. The 753S is said to hit download rates as high as 42Mbps and upload rates near 5.76Mbps on the DC-HSPA+ network, while the 754S can reach up to 100Mbps download and 50Mbps up on the LTE network. Both devices are about the size of a deck of cards and an integrated LCD screen provides instant access to vital information, such as signal strength and battery life. We expect these devices to ship around Q2 2011 with no official word on which carriers will be claiming them for their very own.

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Verizon Stores to Start Selling iPads October 28th

The fact that AT&T company stores will start selling the iPad is news; but Verizon company stores selling the iPad? That’s BIG news. Verizon has just announced its plans to begin selling Apple’s groundbreaking device on October 28th. Unlike AT&T, Verizon will only be offering the WiFi models, but they will be priced the same as Apple’s 16gb, 32gb and 64gb 3G models, at $629, $729 and $829 respectively. Why the higher price point and no 3G? Because Verizon is bundling the iPad with its MiFi mobile hotspot device. Data plans start at a reasonable $20 for 1gb and then go to $35 for 3gb and up to $50 for 5gb–overages will be $10 per gig. Although this isn’t exactly the Apple/Verizon news that’s had the rumor mills buzzing, one can’t help but wonder if this deal opens the door for another, come the new year…

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