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Instead of buying multiple mobile devices, each with their own data plan, the smarter play may be buying WiFi-only devices and going with a mobile hotspot–and AT&T’s Unite Pro may be the perfect choice. Capable of connecting up to 15 devices at once, the Unite Pro has enough features to…(Read More)

Tether was a short-lived app that actually made it past Apple’s approval process into the App Store (then pulled by Apple) that allowed you to tether devices to your iPhone using your standard data plan. Well, tether is back–and through their website (and HTML5-based technology) are offering iPhone users on non…(Read More)

In more BlackBerry news, online reports seem to show some screenshots of BlackBerry OS 6.1, a minor update to its latest Operating System–but they seem to show the likeliness of a Mobile Hotspot feature. As more and more devices are equipping themselves with this feature, its no surprise that BlackBerry devices will also…(Read More)

Wasn’t it just this time of year last year when we were getting all geared up for the first of many LTE announcements? Now with LTE here, Sierra Wireless is leading the proverbial pack with the announcement of some dual-carrier HSPA+ and LTE AirCards. Its latest two new mobile hotspots include the AirCard…(Read More)

The fact that AT&T company stores will start selling the iPad is news; but Verizon company stores selling the iPad? That’s BIG news. Verizon has just announced its plans to begin selling Apple’s groundbreaking device on October 28th. Unlike AT&T, Verizon will only be offering the WiFi models, but…(Read More)