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The Motorola XPRT for Sprint: Our Review

Once, success or failure in the consumer electronic business depended almost exclusively on pure performance data.  And while it’s true that some might still consider it more fun to talk about chip speeds, screen size, gigabytes and megapixels, the truth is that today’s electronic devices are generally so capable and can be had with so many features, that selecting the right one has become much less about the hard performance data than about determining how well it fills the needs of the individual consumer. It is into this new reality that Motorola has elected to introduce their new Motorola XPRT Mobile Phone for Sprint – leveraging the lessons learned from the already well received Motorola Droid Pro – and resulting in one of the most capable business-oriented smartphones we’ve ever tested.  Join us as we take a closer look at this great new mobile business device.

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Gadget Post Mortem: The HTC Touch Pro

For all we talk about exciting new gadgets, reviewing the latest and greatest, any piece of tech can seem incredible when it’s fresh out of the wrapper.  The true test of a gadget is how it treats you months or years after it loses that new gadget sheen.

While I like to stay cutting edge, I refuse to buy into the recent trend of yearly obsolescence. In looking for companies that I choose to do business with, it’s important for me to take a look back at how their products have treated me in the past, especially products I’ve lived with for quite a while.

So pour a beverage, sit back, and let’s take a look back at the HTC Touch Pro.

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In a Mobile Market Dominated By Google and Apple, the Palm Pre Plus Still Stands Tall

Some of the best gadgets around are not always the newest; that’s what inspired us to create our latest column: Gadgets You May Have Missed. To me, no gadget epitomizes this sentiment more than the Palm Pre Plus; while there may be mobile phones with larger screens, faster processors and more memory, for my money, the Palm Pre Plus may be the best phone out there. Now let me start by qualifying this statement-

Our experiences are directly affected by our expectations. I mention this because it applies as much to buying gadgets as it does to our relationships. So let me start by asking this: What are you expecting your mobile device to be? If you primarily use your phone for movie watching and playing games, you’d be better served by an iPhone or one of the big-screen Android handsets–the Pre Plus plays games and movies quite well, there are just others that do it a bit better. However, if you want your mobile phone to be a top-notch organizer that manages your contacts, calendars and emails flawlessly, gives you a great web browsing experience, multitasks better than anything out there and oh yeah, is also great at making calls…look no further than the Palm Pre Plus. Let’s start by looking at the hardware…

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