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As much as we’re looking forward to what new features the next generation of iPads will bring, we all know it’s the software that makes the experience; so what does Apple have in store for us with iOS 11? Lets dive in to what we think are some must-have features… Let us…(Read More)

On this week’s show, we give you all the details on everything Apple revealed at their latest event. We also talk about Sony’s latest PlayStation announcements, as well as feature a great interview with BOSEBuild’s Joe Titlow to talk about a new program that Bose has for the classroom (spoiler alert: your…(Read More)

Apple’s next generation iPhone 5S is now confirmed to feature fingerprint identification. Dubbed “Touch ID” by Apple, it’s small, but precise–and built right into the device’s home button. The new home button features a detection ring which turns on the touch sensor; simply touch your home button to unlock your phone…(Read More)