• Juan’s Geary Diary – My Computer’s Case

    Juan’s Geary Diary – My Computer’s Case

    Ah, the computer case. Yet another often overlooked piece of equipment. For some it’s purely an expression of themselves (like painting flames on your car), for others it’s a purely practical little box, solely for holding all of your computer’s guts. Some people couldn’t care less about their case, others obsess over its every detail. If you’re going to build your own desktop computer though, your case should be as carefully considered as any other piece of gear you’ll be purchasing…

  • Juan’s Gear Diary – Power Supplies

    Juan’s Gear Diary – Power Supplies

    To start off my series of articles on rebuilding my desktop, I want to start with one of the most important pieces of equipment in your rig–which is often one of the most over looked: Your power supply. If you’re building your own system, you probably have a need not satisfied by standard “off the shelf” computers. That could be gaming, A/V editing, running a home server, or any number of other applications. A stock system can probably accomplish any of these tasks, but custom tailoring the internals of your rig will usually lead to a much nicer experience. So if you’re going to go through the time and effort to pick out a processor, motherboard, RAM, hard drives, and video card, why would you skimp on the device that’s going to power the whole thing?

  • A New Feature Here at YTR: Juan Upgrades His Desktop

    A New Feature Here at YTR: Juan Upgrades His Desktop

    Just giving you guys and gals a sneak peak at a new semi-regular feature I’ll be writing for YTR. If you had a chance to read over my review of the Nvidia GTX 560 Ti, you might’ve gotten the sense that I rather enjoyed throwing some new gear into my home desktop. If you did get that impression, then you are absolutely correct, because I loved it. My home workstation is a bit overdue for some upgrades, and as I go through the process of updating various components I’m going to chronicle my experiences here on the blog.  A tech diary if you will…







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