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This Week in Tech (Week of September 5th)

It’s the weekend–so what better time to sit back and catch up on everything you missed this past week in tech. Here’s a rundown of what you may have missed while juggling your work, kids, play, and whatever else it is that keeps you occupied. Read on for news from Adobe, Apple, products from LG, Ballistic, G-Form, Sony, Nintendo, Griffin, Samsung and the iPhone 5 Rumor Roundup – plus more….

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Get Controllin’ your AR.Drone with your Android Phone

It’s taken quite some time–but now, you can control your Parrot AR.Drone with your Android phone courtesy of the AR.FreeFlight App for Android. Of course you’ll need the $299 Quadrocopter, but hey–isn’t there always a catch? The App mimics the iOS version, giving you full control over the flight of your 4 propped friend, complete with simulated games and activities. Do check it out, will you. Full press release after the jump.

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Parrot Announces AR.Race and AR.Drone Challenges

Can’t get enough of Parrot’s AR.Drone? Beleieve me…we understand. In  addition to their announcement that AR.Drone software was coming to more platforms, Parrot also announced at E3 a new game for Drone owners, as well as a competition that Drone users will definitely want to hear about. AR.Race (the app is now live in the App Store) is a new game that let’s Drone owners create their own courses and race against each other–Parrot is even selling optional inflatable cones and a doughnut, as well as a finish line for those that want to add a bit more authenticity and challenge to their aerial races. AR.Drone Challenges is an international competition that Parrot is sponsoring, where Drone pilots register at and submit videos of  3 “challenges” that Parrot will post on the site. Parrot will then judge the videos, and pick 14 finalists to compete in Paris for the championship on October 1st. Check after the jump for more details on the new game and AR.Drone Challenges…

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Android, Symbian and bada Users Will Soon Take Flight with Parrot’s AR.Drone

We’ll always have a soft spot in our hearts for the AR.Drone; not only is it one of the coolest flying gadgets you’ll ever see, but it was one of the first products we ever covered–and it just keeps getting better. Parrot has just announced that Android, Symbian and bada users will now be able to enjoy the amazing quadricopter that was previously for iOS only. (The new app allowing you to fly the Drone will be on the Android Marketplace this July) Check out the official press release after the jump…

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Parrot Bluetooth Gets Smarter and More Intuitive

Parrot is one of the leaders in wireless peripherals for mobile phones; and and thanks to its latest software update, the hands-free Bluetooth CK3100 LCD system is getting better and more compatible. THe CK311 is a Bluetooth hands-free system that relays information from your phone to its on-board LCD screen; it also syncs with your phonebook and call logs so that you can see familiar names and information right in front of you, instead of the all-dangerous “fiddling while driving.” The new 5.0 software update is available at and brings better synchronization for contacts and call logs, more compatibility with all of the latest handsets on the market, and much simpler on-screen navigation–making it a much more intuitive device.

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Parrot ASTEROID Sets the Bar for Auto Infotainment

MP3, AM/FM, Web, Phone, GPS and more all in one!

Convergence is key in most multi media technologies these days. Many of us already watch TV, browse the web and chat with friends on our laptops–and soon we’ll be doing all that and more on our televisions. But convergence is accelerating in automotive technology as well.

Your Tech Report has been given a preview of the new Parrot ASTEROID, being unveiled this week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and it could change the way you drive. Think of it as one part car receiver, one part advanced cell phone, one part web browser and one part multi-media library manager. The ASTEROID works on the Android OS and if you plug in a GPS dongle (included) and a 3G key (not included) you get navigation as well.

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DIA Parrot by nodesign: An Artistic Spin on the Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are pretty commonplace these days. It’s not unusual, especially around the holidays, to find them in the bargain bins at big box stores, and even I own two or three between my magnetic and keychain frames.

I don’t have one as fancy as this though.

The DIA Parrot by nodesign is a striking design for a photo frame, and it’es design is also practical. By separating the LCD from the backlight it creates more of a lightbox like effect to show off your digital photos. The design was inspired by classic slide photography.

Also of interest, the frame is powered by Android, which allows the frame to connect with other devices wirelessly, and two USB ports allow you to connect peripherals like keyboards and mice.

Full press release after the jump.

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AR.Pursuit Augmented Reality Game Available Now

If you haven’t already picked up your shiny new AR.Drone, then here’s one more reason: We told you about the latest multi-player augmented reality game quite a while back; well, it’s finally available on iTunes. It’s the first augmented reality game developed specifically for the AR.Drone, and it’s yours for only $2.99. Get blasting this holiday season!

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Parrot’s AR.Drone Gets its First Augmented Reality Game: AR.Pursuit

The AR.Drone will always hold a special place in our hearts; not only is it one of the coolest gadgets out there, but it was also the subject of one of our first feature articles. As you probably know, the AR.Drone is a Quadricopter that generates its own WiFi signal, allowing you to fly it using your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Among its many high-tech features are 2 on-board cameras that send video back to your iDevice, allowing the user to see whatever the Drone sees–which lends itself perfectly to augmented reality gaming. Well, Parrot has just announced the first augmented reality game designed for the Drone–AR.Pursuit; a cat-and-mouse style aerial battle between 2 Drone users, where pilots use the video feed of their iDevice to not only fly the Drone, but also to attack their opponents. Rather than tell you about it, we’ve included a video so you can see for yourselves. AR.Pursuit will hit the App Store in late November and sell for $2.99.  Full press release after the break…

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Who Needs an iPad When You Can Own a Picture Frame Sporting Android OS

Well, since this isn’t a touch enabled tablet, you still may want an iPad or Galaxy Tab; but that shouldn’t dissuade you from picking up one of these wonderful little gadgets to add to your collection.

Before I go into detail on this gorgeous picture frame by Parrot, it’s probably best that you get a little insight into who I am. I’m that guy who thinks he knows everything about gadgets when in reality, more than anything, I love owning things that are pretty and shiny–and also happen to be functional. And if they make my life easier, amazing!

This is a great way to describe my experience reviewing the Grande Specchio digital picture frame, by renowned designer Martin Szekely: A high-tech mirror/digital picture frame that, thanks to it’s wireless connectivity and Android OS, also keeps you up do date with all of your online content and social networking. At first glance, the Apple-like, foam-lined box in which it’s delivered is a good start; the style isn’t quite a-la-Jobs, but still clean and classy (the quick answer is, yes, I’m a Mac fanboy). Pop the top and you’re greeted with a quizzical face staring staring back at you; once you realize that mug in the mirror-finished frame is you, it’s time to move on to the goods.

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