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It’s the weekend–so what better time to sit back and catch up on everything you missed this past week in tech. Here’s a rundown of what you may have missed while juggling your work, kids, play, and whatever else it is that keeps you occupied. Read on for news from Adobe, Apple…(Read More)

It’s taken quite some time–but now, you can control your Parrot AR.Drone with your Android phone courtesy of the AR.FreeFlight App for Android. Of course you’ll need the $299 Quadrocopter, but hey–isn’t there always a catch? The App mimics the iOS version, giving you full control over the…(Read More)

Can’t get enough of Parrot’s AR.Drone? Beleieve me…we understand. In  addition to their announcement that AR.Drone software was coming to more platforms, Parrot also announced at E3 a new game for Drone owners, as well as a competition that Drone users will definitely want to hear about. AR.Race (the…(Read More)

Parrot is one of the leaders in wireless peripherals for mobile phones; and and thanks to its latest software update, the hands-free Bluetooth CK3100 LCD system is getting better and more compatible. THe CK311 is a Bluetooth hands-free system that relays information from your phone to its on-board LCD screen; it also…(Read More)

Convergence is key in most multi media technologies these days. Many of us already watch TV, browse the web and chat with friends on our laptops–and soon we’ll be doing all that and more on our televisions. But convergence is accelerating in automotive technology as well. Your Tech Report has been given a…(Read More)