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Panasonic has long been a leader in business and home telephone systems; and now, among all the mobile announcements we see a new announcement from Panasonic on the business front. The New KX-UT248-B is Panasonic’s new Executive Desk phone added to its current line up of IP based phones. Designed to compliment…(Read More)

Hot off the press in Barcelona comes a new addition to the Samsung Mobile family–and it’s like nothing they’ve done before. While other companies are adding better screens, faster processors and more powerful GPUs, Samsung knows consumers want a bit more–like the ability to share photos, videos and other digital media…(Read More)

  Sure, we’re still waiting for the UPS truck to pull up with our iPhone 4S–but many of our lucky readers already have their new devices in hand. Here’s a shot of the local Apple Store near our Woodland Hills office, and as you can see this launch is a bit more…(Read More)

Sony Ericsson has unveiled yet another Walkman phone, known as the Live with Walkman. This 1GHz powered Android phone features a 3.2″ touchscreen, 5MP camera with 8x zoom and a front-facing VGA camera capable of capturing 720p HD video. The phone is tri-band, featuring 3G HSPA+ support, plus the almightly emphasis on…(Read More)

Samsung is blowing up the feature phone category right now. Available today on Metro-PCS is the Messager III, with a sideways QWERTY slider, 1.3MP camera, and built in music player with support for stereo Bluetooth headphones. This looks like a great little handset for heavy texters, who just want to make calls and…(Read More)