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Samsung CMO Mark Childs joined Mitchell and Marc to talk all about the new Samsung S8 and S8+ flagship smartphones. Take a listen to the full-length interview, during which Childs talks about the challenges of improving an already great device, as well as the lessons learned from the Note 7 battery issues…(Read More)

This weekend, we’re excited about the Samsung Note 7 (who wouldn’t be!) and speak with Paul Brannen to talk about its release. Also, we talk to Hunter Fan’s Jeremy Tarr about the introduction of the company’s first connected fan. Here it is in case you missed it…(Read More)

We had the privilege of speaking with Paul Brannen, COO and Executive Vice President, Mobile Solutions for Samsung Canada about the release of the Note 7…(Read More)

In case you missed it on @SXMCanadaTalks or @OpieRadio… On this week’s show, we talk about all of Samsung’s latest product announcements, Microsoft’s Anniversary Update, and talk to Funko’s Mark Robben about everything the company had on display at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Enjoy! &nbsp…(Read More)

Samsung Mobile makes some of the greatest smartphones and wearables in the world…and once you listen to our exclusive interview, you’ll learn why this trend is likely to continue…(Read More)

In case you missed us on SiriusXM (Saturdays at 11am Pacific, ch. 167), this weekend on YourTechReport we spoke with Samsung’s Ken Price about the state of Wearables and VR, Mitchell and Marc discussed the ongoing saga of the FBI vs. Apple, and we dove into the top toys (with a tech twist) from…(Read More)