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You know it! You LOVE it! Go GET IT! It’s the same cute tower defense game we’ve known and loved for years, and PopCap is FINALLY delivering on their promise to bring it to Android. Better late than never! And if you use the Amazon App store it’s FREE for today! Plants…(Read More)

After spending a couple weeks with the Fascinate on Verizon, and now using an Epic 4G as my daily driver, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at one of the GSM flavors of the Galaxy S. The Vibrant on T-Mobile (which our editor in chief Mitchell uses as a…(Read More)

So here it is. I’ve lived with this phone longer than any other review phone I’ve ever had. There are a lot of things to like about this phone, a few things to dislike about this phone, but all in all, we could be looking at Verizon’s best keyboard-less smartphone. Let…(Read More)

After last week’s App of the Week I had this conversation with Marc. Marc: What’s with the barcode at the end of the article? Me: *Gasp* You don’t know about QR Codes? Marc: I KNOW what they ARE, just not how they relate to the Android world? Me: Well… I guess I…(Read More)

My Wife wondered why I was up till 3am… Today was the first day of Nokia World 2010, and even the Keynote speeches showed a company refocusing it’s efforts on producing unique and exciting devices. Here in the United States, it’s easy to forget about Nokia, as they only make up about 3…(Read More)