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Sony has been a top consumer electronics brand for decades…and they continue to innovate and dominate the living room. Take a listen as we chat with Sony’s Karol Warminiec, and learn how the company has not only upped its television game, but is also dominating in the world of digital imaging…(Read More)

Sony’s PlayStation press conference just ended and frankly I’m kind of shell shocked. Yes there was new gameplay footage from Uncharted 4. Yes Final Fantasy VII is getting a remake. Yes they revealed an interesting new IP in Horizon Zero Dawn. But none of that matters. Because Sony kicked off the event with…(Read More)

That scared, whimpering sound you hear? That’s the sound of every video game journalist realising that E3 starts tomorrow and the gauntlet of press events, sneak peeks and previews will last from tonight all the way until Thursday. Every single publisher wants to push their game into the limelight this year and, with the…(Read More)

Tune in this weekend for our year end review edition of YourTechReport. Join Marc Aflalo, Mitchell Whitfield and David Weir as they look at the year that was in tech and of course the biggest game of the year. Its an episode not to be missed…(Read More)