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We’re always up for something new; so along with the latest tech news and a really cool interview with the folks at Unikey, we did something that we’ve never done before: A live Loot Crate unboxing!  Take a listen as we present YourTechReport for may 30th, 2015…(Read More)

Google is slowly enhancing GMail with new features. The most recent of updates includes quick access to contact details when you’re viewing past conversations, as well as greater integration with your Google+ circles. Now when you search for a contact you will get enhanced details along with the profile photo and previous emails exchanged…(Read More)

After little information was available about their launch, two of Samsung’s CES-debuted camcorders (the QF20 and W300) are finally hitting U.S. stores. The QF20 is an internet-friendly camera for $350 that will let you upload 1080p videos straight to Facebook, Picasa or youTube, without the need for a computer. The W300…(Read More)

Marshall is going dark with their headphones–at least when it comes to color. The new lineup called Pitch Black is completely colorless–even down to the metal. If you recall from Juan’s review, these headphones take inspiration from Marshall’s amplifiers featuring an incredible design, while also boasting superior sound. The on-ear…(Read More)

Last week we told you that ROCCAT was set to unleash some new gear at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles–but apparently, they just couldn’t wait to show some more love to PC gamers. The new Savu mid-size hybrid gaming mouse boasts the “fastest Pro Optic engine” ever used, with true…(Read More)