• GMail Gets some Nifty New Updates

    GMail Gets some Nifty New Updates

    Google is slowly enhancing GMail with new features. The most recent of updates includes quick access to contact details when you’re viewing past conversations, as well as greater integration with your Google+ circles. Now when you search for a contact you will get enhanced details along with the profile photo and previous emails exchanged between the two of you. Other features include initiating a chat or call from searches, and changes reflected on your profile extend to Google+ as well.

  • Samsung Debuts Two New Budget-Friendly Cameras

    Samsung Debuts Two New Budget-Friendly Cameras

    After little information was available about their launch, two of Samsung’s CES-debuted camcorders (the QF20 and W300) are finally hitting U.S. stores. The QF20 is an internet-friendly camera for $350 that will let you upload 1080p videos straight to Facebook, Picasa or youTube, without the need for a computer. The W300 will give you a dust proof, waterproof (up to 15 feet), and shockproof camera for only $160. Launch details are still a bit sketchy, but they are creeping into stores as you read this.

  • Marshall Headphones Go Pitch Black

    Marshall Headphones Go Pitch Black

    Marshall is going dark with their headphones–at least when it comes to color. The new lineup called Pitch Black is completely colorless–even down to the metal. If you recall from Juan’s review, these headphones take inspiration from Marshall’s amplifiers featuring an incredible design, while also boasting superior sound. The on-ear Major retails for $120, while the in-ear Minor goes for $65. Check ‘em out. The Major The Major embodies vast amounts of the massive Marshall Legacy. It is a solid workhorse with great stamina, designed with non-stop all day listening in mind. The Major comes equipped with a microphone and remote for use with your cell phone.  The Major Pitch Black is now available for $120. Click here for more info about the Major. The Minor The Minor is an advanced and hard working in-ear model. In addition to its good looks it incorporates quite a few exciting features. EarClick is […]

  • ROCCAT Releases Savu gaming Mouse

    ROCCAT Releases Savu gaming Mouse

    Last week we told you that ROCCAT was set to unleash some new gear at this year’s E3 in Los Angeles–but apparently, they just couldn’t wait to show some more love to PC gamers. The new Savu mid-size hybrid gaming mouse boasts the “fastest Pro Optic engine” ever used, with true 4000 DPI; the Savu also promises tons of customization options, as well a comfortable form factor. The Savu gaming mouse is available today for a very reasonable $59.99, and you can check out the full PR after the jump…

  • Carbon 49 and iPad: Made for Each Other

    Carbon 49 and iPad: Made for Each Other

    Sure, there are MIDI keyboards that will work with an iPad–but how about a keyboard that’s actually designed for the iPad? Samson’s Carbon 49 USB MIDI Controller is designed by professionals and available for the world at just $89.99. Lightweight, and powered by the iPad itself, this new device helps young musicians and creators record and assist in the studio or at home. Check it out in action below, and keep in mind that the soundtrack was made using only the Carbon 49 and an iPad–you can also check out the full PR after the jump.

  • AIRbudz Let the Noise Out, Let the Noise In

    AIRbudz Let the Noise Out, Let the Noise In

    Noise-reducing headphones are good in theory; after all, when listening to music we’d rather not be distracted by outside sounds. The problem that comes with these types of headphones is that the sound has no where to go but directly into your ear canal which can not only cause damage to your ears, but also cuts you off from things you actually may want to hear–like oncoming traffic or people trying to get your attention. Enter, AIRbudz: the first removable earbud designed to let sound in, while still allowing you to enjoy your music. Available for funding on Kickstarter, AIRbudz work with 70% of headphones already on the market, and come in a multitude of colors. There are 24 days left before the funding opportunity closes, so make sure you click past the jump for all of the details…

  • Iconosys Apps for the Outdoorsman

    Iconosys Apps for the Outdoorsman

    Iconosys has put out its fair share of novelty apps; but 2 of their newest apps should become very popular among those who love the great outdoors. My Fish Guide Finder and My Hunting Guide Finder are more than just apps to help locate the best fishing and hunting spots in the country; they’re also designed to help locate the nearest food, lodging, and discounts on gear. The apps use your phone’s built-in GPS to help hunters and fishermen find anything they may need (including boats and guides), and were designed as a great way to connect outdoorsmen and with supplies and resources through local merchants. With Summer almost upon us, these apps seem like a great option for anyone planning a hunting or fishing outing–and as free downloads, you sure can’t beat the price! Both apps are available for both iPhone and Android, and you can check out all […]







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