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Verizon’s Redbox Instant, the service that allows subscribers to access movies from both Redbox kiosks as well as through digital streaming, now has an exclusive console partner: The Xbox 360. Currently in Beta, the new app will allow Xbox users to buy or rent their favorite titles directly from Redbox without requiring a subscription…(Read More)

The closure of 2012 marks the arrival of that most traditional piece of gaming journalism – the inevitable ‘games of the year.’ This year has actually been something of an oddity for me since I have spent far more of my time trying to catch up on some of the past classics that I’d previously…(Read More)

DC Universe Online’s latest DLC pack introduces the master of magic – Doctor Fate. Players can choose to ally themselves with Fate, or his nemesis Felix Faust, in a new battle that takes players back to the open world cities of Gotham and Metropolis. The DLC also beings new Operations designed for group play, Utility…(Read More)