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If you’re in the market for a new handset to accompany you on campus this fall, your timing’s just right. You couldn’t ask for a better selection of choices, and plenty of the phones in the gallery below are downright budget-friendly. That said, if…(Read More)

Windows Phone may currently be the underdog when it comes to mobile operating systems, but according to new studies, more developers are planning on developing for Windows Phone in 2014. With both Android and iOS platforms coming close to a million apps, Windows Phone is still pretty far behind with over a hundred thousand; but…(Read More)

The Nokia Lumia 925 is headed to AT&T come the middle of next month, as AT&T has officially announced its pricing and availability. Running Windows Phone 8 and featuring PureView technology as well as carl Zeiss optics, the 925 looks to be a mobile photographer’s dream, with plenty of power…(Read More)

***UPDATE*** Not three hours after I finished this video did AT&T announce their Next program offering similar upgrades to what was announced by T-Mobile, and rumored by VZW. It’s like I can see into the future… We’re seeing new plans from T-Mobile allowing people to swap out their phones…(Read More)