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Having a chat with Cortana, Windows Phone’s new personal assistant

Anyone who’s played Halo, the iconic first-person shooter based 500 years in the future, knows where Microsoft came up with the name of Cortana, its new voice recognition program on Windows Phone 8.1. Master Chief might be the star of the video game…

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Developers Favoring Windows Phone Growth for 2014

windows-phone-8-start-screensWindows Phone may currently be the underdog when it comes to mobile operating systems, but according to new studies, more developers are planning on developing for Windows Phone in 2014. With both Android and iOS platforms coming close to a million apps, Windows Phone is still pretty far behind with over a hundred thousand; but a Strategy Analytics Developer Survey spoke to 1,600 developers who were asked which platforms they are planning on supporting in 2014–and Windows Phone saw a 32% jump compared to previous years. This is great news for not only Windows Phone device owners, but the mobile sector on the whole, as competition always means better products (and prices) for consumers.

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Nokia Lumia 925 Headed to AT&T in September

IMAG0631The Nokia Lumia 925 is headed to AT&T come the middle of next month, as AT&T has officially announced its pricing and availability. Running Windows Phone 8 and featuring PureView technology as well as carl Zeiss optics, the 925 looks to be a mobile photographer’s dream, with plenty of power (dual core Snapdragon 4 processor) and a beautiful display to keep even power users happy. The Lumia 925 will be made available on September 13th for $99.99 on a two-year contract, or $21 per month on the AT&T Next program; the device will be sold exclusively in black and will be available for pre-order on August 28th.

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Video 1st Impressions: The Nokia Lumia 1020 on AT&T (Features photo and video samples)

nokia lumia 1020 review first impressions camera video samples yourtechreportHere it is!

Nokia’s new Windows Phone crown jewel. The new premier Microsoft mobile experience. Not a lot has changed in terms of the actual OS; and for the most part, performance remains consistent with the rest of the WP8 ecosystem. However, this camera sets a new level for excellence few phones can compete with.

Let’s take a look!

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We Ask You: Would You Rather Lease or Own Your Smartphone?

gs4 vs htc one vs lg optimus g pro vs gs4 avtive


Not three hours after I finished this video did AT&T announce their Next program offering similar upgrades to what was announced by T-Mobile, and rumored by VZW. It’s like I can see into the future…

We’re seeing new plans from T-Mobile allowing people to swap out their phones more frequently than on old two year contracts. There are also rumors pointing to Verizon Wireless moving forward on similar phone financing. I pose this question to my viewers, do you buy your phones outright? Are you comfortable with the idea of only “leasing” your phones to have the latest and greatest hardware?

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HTC Announces 8XT Windows Phone with BoomSound Front Stereo Speakers and MicroSD Card Expansion

HTC 8XT Windows Phone BoomSound yourtechreportThe leading name in Windows Phone might be Nokia, but that hasn’t stopped HTC from launching some really compelling handsets. Announced today, HTC is showing off its 8XT, a new mid-range phone with a few neat tricks up its sleeve.

This is one of the few Windows Phones to support MicroSD card expansion. As such, it’s only packing 8GB of storage on board, which isn’t a ton of space for apps; but media fans will be happy knowing they can easily drop in up to 64GB.

Speaking of media fans, the 8XT also features BoomSound, making it the first Windows Phone 8 device with front facing stereo speakers. A welcome return to high quality audio! After the innovative speaker design on the Surround, we here kept hoping HTC would continue to innovate on WP audio.

The 8XT does not appear to have an UltraPixel image stabilized camera, but HTC is touting a faster multi-shot burst for the 8MP rear shooter.

What’s curious here is the naming. The HTC 8X was a premier phone with a 720p screen. This phone seems to be pushing the mid-range with it’s lower resolution screen and smaller on storage pool. It’s specs seem more in line with the HTC 8S, but I’ll always be impressed with better audio on our mobiles.

Pricing will be $99.99 with two year contract and $50 rebate. No firm launch date, but we’re looking at Sprint for sometime this summer… ish…

Anywho, we’ve got the spec sheet and a few more pics after the jump.

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Review: Facebook BETA on Windows Phone 8

IMAG0251I like public development.

Microsoft is trying to build a better Facebook app. The FB BETA looks like it’s moving away from the sliding panel layout of traditional Windows Phone apps, and instead is bringing in a more traditional design that iOS and Android users will be more familiar with. Rather than trying to keep this in-house and development under wraps, they’re enlisting the help of the Windows Phone community to help them identify bugs and user issues.

wp_ss_20130502_0001If you’re familiar with other Facebook apps, the layout here will be immediately accessible. The app opens to your main news feed. Sliding the screen to the right gives you access to your different feeds and pages. Sliding the screen to the left shows your friends and favorites.

Notifications work the same way. Once you’ve opened the notification alert sliding left or right will slide you through messages, friend requests, and notifications/replies.

Also new to the app is the ability to share posts. It’s kind of funny how long it’s taken us to get this feature on our mobile devices…

The app is fluid and responsive. Thankfully, the problems with the old FB app aren’t reflected here. I continue to have problems with the old app and “Liking” posts. Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a Facebook app I’ve used yet which can consistently “Like” a comment on the first tap; it always seems to take a couple stabs at the little Like link to get it to toggle.

wp_ss_20130502_0003wp_ss_20130502_0002It’s still a BETA of course, and some are complaining about feeds getting stuck and not updating. I’ve been running the app for a couple of days now without issue on a Lumia 920, but I’m also not the heaviest FB user–so take my experience with a grain of salt. Personally, I appreciate the performance improvements, and this should help people transitioning from Android or iOS, as both FB BETA and the new Twitter apps have more consistent user interfaces; but I really like the sliding panel Windows Phone app guidelines. I’ll miss that.

The new Facebook app is in the Windows Phone App Store, but you wont be able to search for it. Instead you’ll need to click on this link which will take you directly to the store to download it.

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Evernote Pleases Windows Phone Users with V3

evernote-windowsA new version of Evernote has been released for Windows Phone users, bringing great features to fans of the Windows Phone operating system. Version 3 is now available and brings a new UI, as well as shortcuts which now sync cross platform and allow you to jump between notes and notebook. Other features include a tag list and notebook stacks, and premium users can access Document Search as well. Let us know your what you think!

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Nokia Lumia 920 Updated – Improved File Management and Camera Output (with Samples)

wp_ss_20130327_0003If you use a Windows Phone, specifically the Lumia 920, you probably know about the dreaded “Other” storage bug. It’s a chunk of storage which gets dedicated to some mysterious purpose, and there’s no way to clear it or manage it. It’s like the blob, growing larger, catastrophically eating more and more. Insatiable.

Ok, it’s not really that bad, but it’s friggen obnoxious.

Nokia just dropped an update which helps clean up the “Other” bug and improves performance.

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A Letter to Microsoft: If It’s All Windows 8, Can We Just Call It All “Windows 8”?

20130130_204022Hey Microsoft,

How ya been? I’m writing as I have a small issue that I hope you can help me out with. I happen to really enjoy using your products. I’m a fan of both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. I guess what I’m having an issue with is how difficult you make it to discuss your products simply by how you name them…

You’ve achieved something kind of great. A unified UI across all screen sizes: from smallest phone, to wall-sized screen. Every one of these devices runs “Windows 8” in some way. Since Live Tiles are consistent, why is the naming convention so inconsistent?

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