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You need to live with some products for a while to get a better sense of what they offer…and video games are no different. Take a listen as we chat with Gaming Editor David Weir, and find out how Destiny 2 holds up two months later…(Read More)

Ever wonder what a Community Manager does in the world of gaming? We did too! So we caught up with Josh Stein…and learned that being the Community Manager for Microsoft Studios involves more than you could ever imagine…(Read More)

You asked us to review some Xbox One accessories…and we listened! Take a listen as we go hands-on with Microsoft’s newest controller, as well as the Xbox One Stereo Headset and Chatpad. Enjoy…(Read More)

Microsoft have been unveiling all the brand new features of their Windows 10 operating system today and, as part of that announcement, they’ve been showing off the gaming aspects of the new OS. First up there’s now a dedicated Xbox app that allows access to details of all your titles no matter the…(Read More)